What will the monthly programming look like?

The free PS Plus games of November 2021 will be with us very soon.

A leak before the official reveal is pretty common now, so we’ve got everything you need to know about the latest news, what free games could be and when you can download them.

Latest – State of play next week

Sony has announced a new State of Play stream for October 27 and that could have an effect on the reveal of PS Plus.

There is a possibility that the reveal of the monthly PS Plus games will be delayed by 24 hours to take place in the stream.

Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll let you know as soon as the official reveal.

One week before the full lineup is revealed

The November 2021 PS Plus games will be revealed at 11:30 am / 4:30 pm BST on Wednesday, October 27, so we have exactly one week left before we know what’s included.

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At that time, there will be a tweet from the official PlayStation account, as well as a post on the PlayStation blog detailing all of the games and when is the last date you can download them.

The program will be available for free download on the first Tuesday in November. As soon as the free PS Plus games for November 2021 are officially revealed and available, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Interestingly, we already know we’re getting some additional PSVR games.

PS Plus November 2021 Free game leaks

Apparently, every month for now, free PS Plus games are leaking ahead of the official reveal.

The leaks have come from various places over the past few months, and they always appear to be about the money.

For now, the free PS Plus games for November 2021 haven’t leaked, but we’ll keep you posted if / when they do. However, there is more good news.

Additional free PSVR games to include

In addition to the monthly free games for PS Plus in November 2021, PlayStation has announced that three additional PSVR games will also be included.

They have yet to announce exactly what these games will be (the announcement should coincide with that of the rest of the lineup), but we expect them to be top tier as they celebrate an anniversary.

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