What future awaits video games?


Writers and poets of old called death the great equalizer. Well, they hadn’t played video games. Free games are a great equalizer. Anyone of any age and any color can join the cult classic video games and enjoy the same product from any corner of the globe.

All they need is an internet connection. Smartphones have not only changed how, where and when people play games, they have made them accessible to everyone. The tech guru, hardcore gamer, and late 40s mom all come together as citizens of Azeroth, enjoying the same real-time content and storylines. Location-based video games make the whole world a space for players to play.

The arrival of the iPhone in 2007 established mobile gaming, bringing about a massive shift in gaming from the paid model to the free model. Historically, games had an expensive software and hardware sector. Pleasure was expensive.

Today, the mobile phone is the dominant hardware gaming platform, so it’s exciting to imagine what other changes lurk in the future of gaming. What other major developments are about to come to the fore? in the gaming industry?

Exciting developments are ahead

According to IGN experts, streaming will be a unifying technology that will make game content easily accessible. Additionally, 5G connectivity and ultra-wideband fiber access will support technology that improves the delivery of live game content to the masses.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing will power personalization and virtual reality features. Therefore, games will have more depth and richness as GPU gate density increases. 3D graphics will become a staple and pixel processing will delve into visual reality.

Games are already surpassing the blockbuster movie scene in the revenue department, but when they start rendering pixels realistically, they’ll surpass them in visual performance as well. Cloud gaming will also reduce the barrier to accessing games.

Going forward, players will no longer be tethered to their hardware. Instead, your gaming experience will be available on all devices. Additionally, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will provide immersive gameplay and eventually merge with reality.

The real will merge with the virtual

Helmets will be user-friendly, lighter and more affordable than they are today. Additionally, smart contact lenses will take the gaming world away from today’s primary input devices. On top of that, real-world and digital games could also merge, enabling physical and digital esports.

Soon, the footballers of FIFA 22 will play against the best heroes of Azeroth such as the orc Thrall, Varian Wrynn, Bolvar, the prophet Medivh and Zul’Jin. The console wars will finally come to an end and the markets for digital assets in games will become more unified as game business models change.

Subscriptions, loot boxes, box sales, and passes will no longer be central to the game developer’s revenue generation process. Instead, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will make gaming more rewarding for players and developers.

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