Video games that deserve their own film or television adaptations

Everyone can enjoy a good video game; let it be something fun and simple like mario or something a bit more intense like Assassin’s Creed, there’s something for all skill levels and interests. The games that often get the most buzz, however, are story-heavy RPG games.

Audiences have seen some of these games come to life on the big screen or through streaming services, such as Unexplored or Esoteric, but unfortunately some of these projects fell short of expectations. While most video game adaptations are far from perfect, they’ve always been enjoyable for the general public and are getting better as they go. There are plenty of games with intricate stories that would make great movies or shows. Here are some good options.


Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV brought the most players the game has ever seen, making it the most popular and highest-grossing game in the series. Millions of people around the world are jumping into this beautiful game that features incredible monsters, interesting characters, and a delightfully eclectic cast of heroic friends who accompany you on your quests throughout the story. This game has a phenomenal design when it comes to gods, monsters and all other challenges that you face which would make the movie thrilling and captivating. Seeing these detailed beasts and deities would leave the audience spellbound and enraptured by the lore of the world of Final Fantasy.

Each area you travel to and fight in also has its own unique style with tones and inspiration from various locations around the world. Final Fantasy creates a dynamic world of opportunity. Whether the show takes an animated or live-action approach, the designers could have fun with the appearance of the main adventurers and the areas they visit. We’ve seen all kinds of fantasy characters animated or made up on screen, so the sky’s the limit for a project like this (budget of course).

Disco Elysee

Then there’s the weird dystopian murder mystery game, Disco Elysee. This game took people by surprise with its unique gameplay and weird story, but it makes for an interesting cinematic premise. The story follows Harry, who has just woken up from a memoryless drunken stupor after a midlife crisis sent him into a spiral. He is a detective on a case in the inn where he woke up but has no memory of anything. As he works with his partner to solve the case, he begins to piece things together using his own detective skills as well as the prompting of voices he hears.

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The idea of ​​following an amnesiac character would allow audiences to pick up pieces and piece together clues to solve mysteries alongside the main character. It would make viewers more engaged with the mystery and the dystopian drifter world it takes place in. And the way Harry thinks and makes decisions would be an interesting cinematic opportunity, much like Sherlock’s mind palace or Sera’s pendulum in Hannibal. There are many design options and possibilities if this game were to be adapted. Although it doesn’t have quite the same character design options as a high fantasy game, the world of Elysium is an incredible dystopia with a retro feel that would captivate audiences.


And then there is the beloved Subtitle, the story of a lost child who has fallen into a beautiful and vibrant fantasy world of monsters banished from the human world. Adapting this game would be an opportunity to create a gorgeous movie or show that looks bright and wholesome on the surface (as long as it doesn’t go straight down the road to genocide) but gets darker and darker as it goes. as you watch. It would easily lend itself to a show full of twists and puzzles for both the main character and the audience to solve.

Subtitle would be perfect for animated films, bringing a wonderful world to life with its hilarious and charismatic creatures in any art style. It would also be an opportunity for a video game adaptation that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Even though the game has battles and a somewhat terrifying ultimate boss, the rest of the weird characters and fights would still suit most audiences.

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There are plenty of stories out there just waiting to come to life. While many have found their way to computer screens and game consoles, they could soar even further with the possibility of adaptation by professional film companies. The possibilities for cosmetics and costumes, world building, and animation are virtually endless.

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