Ubisoft offers free games

Ubisoft is a well-known developer with some pretty exciting titles under their belt. Now they’re giving away a game for free, so hurry up and get your hands on it!
Free games are always great! | ©Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Splinter Cell are all familiar names, aren’t they? Just recently, Epic Games and Ubisoft teamed up to bring some of our favorite video game characters to life in another universe. Now Ubisoft is giving away one of its top titles for free.

Yes, you read that right. Free. Not a single penny needs to be spent. What game is it? Well, if you were thinking Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or anything like that, you’re wrong – and probably a bit sad too.

Ubisoft offers Anno 1800

You can get the city building real-time strategy game Year 1800 free. The game was released in 2019 and developed by Blue Byte. If you like real-time strategy games then this is definitely the one you need to check out.

Can you get Anno 1800 for free on console?

For all of you who like to pull out your brand new PlayStation 5 or that sweet XBox Series X, well, we’ll have to disappoint you once again. This game is not available on any console – that includes the Switch – for free.

You will need to be a PC gamer to get Anno 1800 for free. If you are also a “Steam only” person, then you are also out of luck, because the game is offered for free only in the Epic Games store. Could this be part of the previously mentioned collaboration between Epic and Ubisoft?

Oh sure, if you’re using Ubisoft Connect, then you can also get the deal there. Obviously, Ubisoft would also include this offer in its own game library!

When can you get Anno 1800 for free?

The game is free for one week only. So waste no time and just hop on your computer – if you’re not reading this on your computer, that is – then log into your Epic Games store to grab Anno 1800.

The deal will last from April 12 to April 19, 2022. And yes, that’s the whole game. Not just a demo or trial, once you hit the “download” button and wait for hours due to poor internet connection, you’ll have the game for as long that you wish. So what are you waiting for, go play Anno!

If you’re not quick enough to resume the game, don’t worry either, the game will be reduced by 67%. So you can still get it for a decent price if you miss this week.

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