Top 5 Similarities Between Video Games and Online Gambling in Casinos


Are video games and online casino games the same thing? “No of course not!” I hear you screaming insistently. For sure, some people can enjoy it and not the other, and even look down on the other. And while they’re both games, and they’re both screen-based, one of the most glaring differences between these two is that one is the game and the other is just the game.

Surprisingly, many people tend to mistakenly interchange the words “game” and “game”. Sure, there are big differences between the two. Admittedly, video games and online casino games are by no means the same thing. Yet any avid gamer will also agree that there are indeed undeniable similarities, which could justify the frequent confusion.

However! Game versus game aside, there are plenty of parallels to be drawn between the two. Let’s break them down.

1. You’ll see the sun rise before you know it

As a gamer, no matter what kind of genre you get into, this is going to be an essential memory. From 15 to 55, you will have had those nights where you are there so long that you then see the sun creeping through the blinds. Really an “Oh no” moment, are you the type of person who quickly switches off and rushes to bed, or the type who thinks you’ve come this far anyway and may as well go on as long as you can ?

Beware of disrupted sleep patterns! Try to control yourself before destroying yourself. Set notifications to remind you that bedtime is well past and you have class/work/something useful to do tomorrow instead of sleeping.

2. There is a constant evolution in the scene

Video games and online casino games have come a long way, thanks to the power of processors and ever-increasing graphic innovation. We’re building on the work of the past, which means today’s games can’t even compare to what they were just 15 years ago.

With the Metaverse going full steam ahead, we are likely to find many new elements in video games and online casino games that will make gameplay more social and immersive. VR and world building are just the beginning.

3. Game companies always claim the top spot

Have you noticed that there is always a lot of news about which company is trying to buy another in the world of video games and in the world of online casinos?

The headline this year was Microsoft’s full onslaught in an attempt to seize Activision Blizzard. However, the terms of the deal have plenty to excite antitrust watchdogs who have been watching what’s happening with big tech very closely of late.

Likewise, as online casino expansion continues to grow in new regulated markets like Ontario, online casino companies are being bought and watched by incumbent gaming companies.

4. You might end up spending a lot on microtransactions

Microtransactions are part of life these days. A few cents here, a few dollars there; when you spend small amounts, it’s really better for the psyche. While we’ll still pay a lot for AAA titles, it’s becoming less and less common as new pricing and packaging methods are designed for players to pay rather than just a one-time fee. The subscription industry is killing it.

The same goes for online casino games. While it’s unlikely that every game you make is very expensive, if you keep playing and don’t win, you might find that those small amounts add up pretty quickly.

5. There is a style that will please everyone.

Love playing Call of Duty but hate playing Animal Crossing? Or do you like to play slot machines but can’t stand roulette? The diversification of these two gaming industries is so wide that there is sure to be a title, genre, or even style of game that appeals to everyone. While your mom wonders how you can play “those shooting games” all day, she’s busy flipping cards on her phone at the same time.

If you’re looking to bring someone into the game, it makes sense to consider them as a person first. Don’t introduce them to your favorite game, instead think about the type of game they would like to play. If they like fantasy novels, an RPG might be a treat. If they’re big on KPop, some story-based KDrama titles on their phone could be winners.

Your gaming experience is as unique as you are, whether it’s games or games combined with gambling.

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Carolyn M. Daniel