The Epic Games Store’s 15 Best Free Games Coming This Year


If promoting the free mystery game is not enough, the Epic game store has proven all year round to be one of the best subscription services when it comes to free games. While other services give four each month, EGS sometimes gives four, eight, or in the case of December, fifteen or more. The best part is, while EGS tends to focus on smaller, fun, and potentially less noticed titles, it still works in the big AAA games that fans love.


Whether it’s AAA, Indie, Classic, Simulation, Shooter, or whatever, the Epic Games Store has offered a ton of great games this year. Here are the best, ordered within one month of their release.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition (January 2021)

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has split-screen co-op - Storm Troopers

Star Wars Battlefront 2 broke through its initial controversy, becoming a solid Star wars full-fledged game. On its own, that would have been enough, but the Epic Games Store went the extra mile and offered the Celebration Edition which comes with a few more freebies. Or Star Wars Battlefront 2 This has now led to many wanting a threesome on the show, but as of this writing, Star Wars Battlefront 3 does not seem likely to happen.

Metro Last Light Redux (February 2021)

Metro Last Light Redux ps now ps4

The “Redux” aspect of this Metro last light The version is the upgraded graphics and all the DLC provided therein, and this is one fan that fans shouldn’t have missed. It can be the middle part of a trilogy, with Metro 2033 before and Exodus metro after, but every game is worth playing over and over again. The whole franchise combines a lot of elements, this one in particular focusing on survival, horror, first-person shooter elements in a post-apocalyptic world with a great storyline, and that’s something that many games are struggling to achieve. Metro last light not.

Survive Mars (March 2021)

mars survivor logo

Survive mars is a city management simulation game with a twist: it’s based on Mars and modeled after data on the planet. Players can choose a sponsor nation and, using rovers and drones, they prepare the colony for humans on the Red Planet. The ultimate goal is to create a thriving colony across all Survive mars‘Mechanics and systems. It’s easily a game someone could sleep on, but Epic made sure that potential fans didn’t do exactly that.

Alien: Isolation (April 2021)

Image from Alien Isolation showing a close-up of te Xenomorph.

As a franchisee, Extraterrestrial is more popular than ever, but everyone knows the franchise has a checkered history in video games. Alien: isolation, from 2014, is a survival horror game that really emphasizes the survival element of fighting a Xenomorph, but also their raw power, as only one Xenomorph haunts the player. Nowadays, Alien: isolation is still hailed as the best game in the franchise, and it’s the best Epic could have offered.

Among Us (May 2021)

Teammate console between us
Among us, teammates pictured playing a console video game

The social deduction game that hardly needs to be introduced, Among us. It became popular early in the pandemic and has kept that race going, with its own ups and downs, ever since. The players assume the role of Among us‘Bean-style teammates (or impostors) who must complete certain tasks / kill other players before they are discovered. While it does have its quirks, it’s generally a fun, relaxing game that’s definitely best with friends.

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Frostpunk (Jun 2021)

frostpunk steam cores

Frostpunk is a city management survival simulator where players must guide their citizens through the ordeals of a volcanic winter. What sets it apart from other sims in town, aside from its unique premise, is the variety of options, events, and potential events from game to game. Anyone who enjoys city simulations and post-apocalyptic games can find the perfect idea of ​​both genres in Frostpunk, and what’s better is that they could also have gotten it for free from the Epic Games Store. Just as this title was ambitious, Frostpunk 2 was announced earlier this year with what would be even more ambitious.

Control (June AND December 2021)


Control is a fantastic and beloved game from Remedy Entertainment, a game so well-received that the Epic Games Store has given it away TWICE this year. The first was in June, and then it was part of the Epic Games Store holiday mystery game promotion in December. The future of the franchise, as well as how it connects to Alan wake and the announcement of Alan wake 2, everything seems like it could create a defining franchise for the current generation of games.

Overcooked 2 (June 2021)

epic game store free games

Overcooked 2 is a co-op cooking simulation game, a classic that has brought new life with new details. The sequel builds on the original in a smart way with new features, interactive levels, themes, costumes, recipes, and more. For a cool and fun co-op game, there isn’t much that can challenge Overcooked 2.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (August 2021)


Earlier this year, A Plague Tale: Requiem was slated for release in 2022, and it immediately attracted a lot of attention. It is shaping up to be a beautiful game, the kind that will captivate the eye for years to come and not just for a single game. Of course, not everyone may have played their predecessor, A story of plague: innocence. As such, it was smart of the Epic Games Store to give this game away soon after announcing its sequel, and hopefully many have played it now and are ready for the sequel to come. .

Yooka-Laylee (Aug 2021)


A third person platform game, Yooka-Laylee introduces the titular chameleon and bat on an adventure to retrieve a magical book from an evil society. Yooka-Laylee Looks like a much older game at first glance, despite releasing in 2017, and that’s intentional. At its heart, it’s a journey back and nostalgia inspired by games like Banjo-Kazooie.

Void Bastards (August 2021)

nintendo switch 2020 esrb rating leak

Speaking of inspiration, Void Bastards is a roguelike sci-fi first-person shooter game inspired by System shock and BioShock. Void Bastards received mostly positive reviews upon release, with a ton of emphasis on its comic book art style, dark humor, and overall gameplay. Void Bastards is an experience everyone should share, and the Epic Games Store has played their part to make it happen.

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Saints Row: The Third Remastered (August 2021)

Promotional image of Saints Row The Third Remastered

Saints Street receives a new entry in 2022, but 2021 has not been completely devoid of Saints. The Epic Games Store has offered the remastered version of Saints Row: the third. The franchise is known for its escalation of events, with the final game being about conquering the universe, but the third sees the Saints – now a consumer media and pop culture brand empire – fighting for control. of the city against the Syndicate, STAG and Shelf.

Nioh: the complete edition (September 2021)

Nioh Complete Edition

Nioh: the complete edition comes with the base game and three DLCs, truly giving fans the definitive experience. Nioh is an action RPG and franchise that many have compared to Souls for its tough approach to combat, but it’s also one of the few games in this niche to forge its own identity. Souls is Souls, Nioh is Nioh, and it’s the best frame of mind for anyone who still has this expectation in their backlog.

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Dungeon: A Unique Adventure in Wonderland (November 2021)

Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina Assault On Dragon Keep DLC

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Dungeon was originally a DLC for Borderlands 2, but it was given because it will almost directly have a sequel next year. All eyes are currently on Little Tina’s Wonderland, a complete D & D-esque adventure in the Borders universe, but it couldn’t have happened without this DLC. Borderlands 2 and 3 had a lot of DLC, but many would probably designate this one as their favorite. Not only does it bode well for Wonderland next year, but it firmly places this game among the best offered through the Epic Games Store.

Death by Daylight (December 2021)

DBD Coverage

Horror fans and multiplayer fans really got it all Death by the light of day. It’s a popular asymmetric multiplayer game that has only grown in recent years, and for those who are hesitant, trying it for free may have taken all of that away. It will be interesting to see what the new Survivors and Killers are added to. Death by the light of day next year, but that definitely doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Epic game store users typically get a handful of free games each month.

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