The Best Free Fast-Playing Online Games


Do you have five minutes left of your lunch break and want to fill it with something fun? As long as you’re sitting at your computer, we can help. All of these games can be played in as little as five minutes, can be played online, and don’t have to cost you a penny (unless you want to skip ahead). So get ready for five minutes of fun with these great fast games.


Anyone growing up in the 90s will have heard of QWOP. This game was one of the original flash games that we loved during the early days of internet gaming. The object of the game is simple, to get the runner across the finish line. However, it is a little more complicated than it seems. Using the Q, W, O, and P keys will control the runner’s thighs and calves, which can lead to hilarious results. Slow down, take your time, and remember not to run until you can walk.

casino games

These types of games all fall under one heading, as most casino sites offer multiple games under one roof. If you like the casino genre and are looking for the best free games in 2022, there are several sites to choose from. PokerNews breaks them down here based on the games they can play. It is therefore a good choice for those looking for the crème de la crème of free casino games.

Pokemon Go

Although you can’t play on a web browser, Pokemon Go is still on the list because it’s an online game, it’s free (except for those pesky extras), and it literally took a lot of time. stormed the world on its first outing. Many years later, it continues to amuse people and, more importantly, to get people out in search of these funny little creatures.


Many of the best fast-paced games are grid-based, so it made sense to include Gridland. This game works the same as Candy Crush and Bubble Blast, you have to match three icons to clear them. The only difference is that during the day you will earn supplies from matching lines and at night you will fight monsters with your matches. The timer only starts once you make a move, so this game will be very suitable for strategists.

Three !

This game is another grid-based favorite where you have to move tiles around in order to get two matching tiles next to each other. Once you do this, the tiles combine and your work begins again. The goal is to continue as long as possible without filling your grid. It’s a quick game that will ensure you know your threes well.

A dark room

Those who like minimalist games will love this somewhat spooky game, A Dark Room. It’s set on a totally blank browser page (white or black, depending on whether you choose to keep the lights on or off) and a simple typeface describes the story to you as it unfolds. It’s the kind of game you have to play to be understood. It’s amazing how much suspense can be created with such a simple approach.

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