Take your online gaming to a new level with these Razer headsets

If we are lovers of video games and especially online games, there is an accessory that cannot be missed, such as gaming headsets. And the fact is that if we want to have a smooth, clear and interference-free communication with other players, there is nothing better than having quality headphones with which we can also fully enjoy the sound effects of each game. Therefore, nothing better than opting for these Razer Black Shark V2 X with built-in microphone that you can buy now on sale.

Beyond achieving good communication with the rest of the participants in an online game, or enjoying sound effects, gaming headsets also allow us to isolate external sounds and noises. In this way we will be able to concentrate better since we will have greater immersion in the game, hearing each step of the opponent or a call for help from our partner.

Lightweight and precise esports headsets

The Razer BlackShark V2 X headset is characterized by its incredible sound, its noise-cancelling capacity and the clarity when using your microphone. It features a patented design that lets you fine-tune high, mid, and low audio frequencies, acting as a 3-in-1 audio driver, delivering brighter sound with richer highs, powerful bass, and clearer vocals. .

These headsets have a flexible microphone, capable of offering a excellent voice pickup and noise cancellation. It adopts a more open design with a microphone cover, allowing for minimal obstruction. It enhances the sharpness to make our voice sound real. Thanks to their passive noise cancellation thanks to the fact that they are closed headphones, they will allow us to isolate ourselves from external noise. Its soft cushions manage to form an unbeatable seal for sound insulation.

And, as if that weren’t enough, these Razer headphones are very comfortable and extremely light since they weigh barely 240 grams, so we will hardly notice that we are wearing them and we will be able to enjoy our gaming marathons without discomfort. As they have viscoelastic foam pads wrapped in breathable fabric and with extra thick padding, they guarantee maximum comfort.

Buy the Razer BlackShark V2 X at a discount

As we have been able to verify, the Razer BlackShark V2 X are ideal gaming headphones to enjoy our favorite games and online games. And best of all is the price at which we will be able to buy it. At Amazon we have them available for a limited time and units at the price of 42.35 €which represents a discount of 39% on its usual selling price for a total savings over 27 €. Without a doubt, a great opportunity to get gaming headphones at a spectacular price.

These Razer headphones are sold shipped by Amazon, so we will have free shipping, which will be a priority if we are privileged customers, so that we can receive them in just 24/48 hours. In addition, we have the guarantee of the global e-commerce giant in case of inconvenience.

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