Starfield tops list of most anticipated video games for 2023

Chinese regulators have rushed to follow the country’s voracious appetite for video games, which have been blamed for social ills including online addiction – © AFP/File Mohd RASFAN

A new study has revealed that Starfield is the most anticipated 2023 video game in the world, according to Google search data. The data search was undertaken around the end of June 2022 and focuses on the interest in the next video game communicated to understand consumer preferences.

The study, conducted online Solitaire game platformanalyzed Google data in the UK and around the world for 41 video games due for release next year and ranked them according to the average monthly number of searches they receive.

According to the results, the 10 most anticipated video games in the UK are:

Ranking Video game UK search volume Overall search volume
1 star field 33000 412000
2 Ark 2 8300 120000
3 Hytale 6100 182000
4 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League 5800 45000
5 Resident Evil 4 Remake 4900 92000
6 red fall 4600 49000
seven Street Fighter 6 4100 65000
8 Dead Space Remake 3800 57000
9 Payday 3 3600 59000
ten Kerbal Space Program 2 3300 54000

Compared to the board, at the top is Starfield. With an average of 33,000 Google searches per month, Starfield is the most anticipated 2023 video game in the UK and worldwide, with an average of 412,000 searches per month.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, the game is set in a galactic world, and it will be available on Xbox and Microsoft Windows.

Ark 2 takes second place. Announced in 2020 by game developers Studio Wildcard, Ark 2 is a survival and adventure game coming out in 2023, which will be available on Xbox Series X and S, and on Microsoft Windows.

According to the results, Ark 2 is the second most anticipated video game of 2023 in the UK, with an average of 8,300 Google searches per month, and the third most hyped in the world, with an average monthly search volume of 120. 000 on Google.

In third place comes Hytale, which is a sandbox action video game developed by Hypixel Studios, and it will be available next year on Microsoft Windows and Mac.

According to the study, Hytale has an average Google search volume of 6,100 searches per month in the UK, making it the third most anticipated video game in the UK, and the second in the world (182,000 searches per month). months worldwide).

A Solitaired spokesperson recounts Digital diary “2023 is shaping up to be a golden year for the gaming industry, and it’s no surprise that titles such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Street Fighter 6 are dominating the charts.

“As video games become more and more refined, gaming remains one of the most popular pastimes for people around the world.”

By 2028, the global video game market is expected to be valued at $435 billion.

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Carolyn M. Daniel