Special interests like video games and cartoons have often been blamed for destroying marriages. In fact, 15% of divorces cite video games as a partial cause of divorce.


Catherine Whitmore, a 10-year veteran in the consulting industry and also an avid gamer herself, took interest psychology along with her experience as a private coach and posted it online in the field of personal coaching aimed at making special interests that can sometimes divide others into a common bond. This brand new business will help her connect with people all over the world!

Catherine Hannah Whitmore, also known in the legal industry as Hannah Foxx, has been at the top of her industry in Nevada for half a decade, and now the experience she gained is available to the general public online!

Research has shown that 76% of couples who share an interest like gambling report much higher happiness and satisfaction, but the gap between shared interests can often seem too big to bridge.

That’s why Hannah decided to help work one-on-one with those who want to connect their interests! Gaming and anime don’t have to be the divide between them, but a lifetime of partnered feelings for interests can make people afraid to try to share them. Hannah aims to help women, in particular, who have no experience with these kinds of interests, learn to connect in a whole new way.

Hannah became an avid gamer while being a full-time student who needed to decompress. Working in midwifery and nursing, as well as an EMT, Hannah realized early on that special interests can complicate the human connection.

After years of counseling and listening to hundreds of stories, Hannah decided to take her passion for human connection online, to help those who don’t have the resources or time to make a specialist booking in person.

Whitmore is an avid speaker, an advocate for neurodiversity and disability rights, and doesn’t shy away from tackling hard-to-talk topics that can make human connection overwhelming.

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