Rumor: Netflix is ​​adding free games

Netflix has revealed a bit more of its intention to enter the video game business, confirming that it will not charge members any additional fees for anything it has planned.

Rumors that Netflix was seriously considering working on its own video games first surfaced in May. The platform hired Mike Verdu, a former executive at EA and Zynga. This rumor has been accompanied by discussions that those who want to access Netflix’s gaming division should pay extra. Turns out it won’t.

Video games are a major activity. Those who don’t play them may not understand it. This is precisely why Netflix has decided to step into the big game world, as it recently acknowledged in its latest letter to shareholders. The streaming service aims to build on work already done in this area, like Stranger Things games and interactive movies like Bandersnatch, as well as a recent collaboration with WWE.

“The games will be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost similar to movies and series,” the letter to shareholders reads. He also adds that it will only work on mobile games at this time. No Netflix version of Amazon’s New World, then, at least not for a while.

Netflix has flirted with the video game world through more than Stranger Things games and a few interactive movies. One of the biggest shows on the platform is The Witcher. Netflix even teamed up with CDPR for the very first WitcherCon over the summer. It’s also the only place you can watch the new Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle movie right now.

The prices of video game subscription services were a hot topic in 2021. News that Xbox was planning to increase the monthly cost of Games With Gold received such a backlash that the decision was quickly overturned. There was also a lot of anger that Nintendo revealing its expansion pack, which will go live later today, will double the price of an annual NSO membership. Nintendo, however, has not reversed this decision.

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  • Netflix adds free games
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