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When Sony launched the PlayStation 5, it did so with a few changes to its PlayStation Plus free games program. Prior to the PS5, PlayStation Plus subscribers were entitled to two free PS4 games each month, with users having to claim those games before they were replaced by the following month’s deals. The introduction of the PS5 has seen free PS Plus games expand to include a free PS5 game in addition to the two PS4 games, and beyond that some games are available for two or three month intervals instead of once. only one.


Another big change to PlayStation Plus with the PS5 was the launch of the PS Plus Collection. With the PS Plus Collection, PlayStation Plus subscribers not only get access to monthly free games, but they can also grab 20 of the most popular PS4 games ever released. Although there are workarounds, in theory the PS Plus Collection is meant to be exclusive to those who own a PlayStation 5 console. This is why there has been some overlap with some of the games in the PS Plus Collection. doubling as free PS4 PS Plus games for a few months.

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Reddit user kabirsingh84 recently pointed out that 12 of the 20 games in the PS Plus Collection are also available as monthly free games. Granted, most of them came before the PS Plus Collection was introduced, but there are a few that were added later. For example, Days gone and Mortal Kombat X were free PS Plus games in 2021, although both were already available in the PS Plus collection.

Considering that more than half of the games in the PS Plus Collection have been given away as free PS Plus games, it stands to reason that the rest are good candidates for the program as well. PS Plus Collection games that have not yet been offered as part of free PS Plus monthly games include battlefield 1, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 15, God of the war, personas 5, Resident Evil 7and The Last Guardian.

PlayStation exclusive games like God of the war and The Last Guardian appears to be data for free PS Plus games, although some of the other titles may be less likely. After all, Fallout 4 It’s now owned by Xbox, and so it’s possible this will create some hurdles that will make it difficult for Sony to give it away as one of its free PS Plus games. Microsoft is also in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard, which could Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy tricky too.

There is also a caveat when it comes to using any of the games as an example of PS Plus Collection games doubled as monthly free PS Plus games. In March 2020, PlayStation Plus subscribers in Asian territories were able to claim monster hunter world as a free bonus game, though not available to PS Plus subscribers in other regions.

ps plus free games for february 2022

It’s easy to believe that the other games could very well come to PlayStation Plus at some point. Several EA games have been given away as part of the PS Plus free games program, with UFC 4 being one of the free PS Plus games for February 2022, so battlefield 1 seems like an obvious choice. Not to mention that Sony has a strong relationship with Final Fantasy 15 publisher Square Enix and Resident Evil 7 publisher Capcom, so it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question for these games to come to PS Plus at some point, especially if it’s to help promote Final Fantasy 16 or a new one resident Evil Game.

In the meantime, fans are waiting to hear about free PS Plus games for March 2022. Sony usually announces new PS Plus games on the last Wednesday of every month, so fans should hear more about next month’s lineup in a few days. . It will be interesting to see if any of the games from the PS Plus collection are included or if it will be all the titles that are new to the PlayStation Plus free games lineup.

As it stands, there are rumors of what the free March 2022 PS Plus games will entail, although nothing official has been announced yet. One of the big rumors is that one of the free March 2022 PS Plus games will be conan chop chop Where Little Orpheus, as both games are set to launch on March 1 and neither is available for pre-order via the PlayStation Store at this time. Although there have been a few exceptions, Sony has usually offered a brand new game with its PS Plus offerings since the launch of the PlayStation 5, but it’s always possible that it will break from this pattern.

PS Plus subscribers should find out one way or another on Wednesday, February 23.

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