PS Plus free game rumors for December 2021 explained


The PS More the december 2021 free games are in a somewhat interesting scenario. Considering how the date falls, they won’t be released until December 1, which is technically no later than normal, but falls on a later date than most are used to. Second, some believed Celestial bodies would be a PS Plus game, as its release date and pre-order status were aligned.

However, this no longer appears to be the case. This rumor and prediction has been replaced by a more concrete one. Dealabs has leaked pretty much all of the free PS Plus game selections over the past few months, and it has done so again for December. It should be taken with caution, but history confirms its claim that Godfall, Mortal Shell, and Lego dc super villains are the PlayStation Plus games for December. The next step, of course, is to ask what these games are.


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Free PS Plus game for December – Godfall

The Valorian knight equipped with a swordfish in Godfall

When launching, the fall of god received mixed to average reviews, reaching around 59 on PC and 61 on PS5 Metacritic score. Godfall ‘The high fantasy setting divides the game world into realms of Earth, Water, Air, etc. The biggest attraction of the fall of god is its Valorplates, which are based on the Zodiac. These Valorplates are almost similar to character classes, as they also influence their weapon classes. At launch, these included the Longsword, Dual Blades, Polearm, Two-Handed Warhammer, and Two-Handed Sword.

Overall, it embraces a “looter-slasher” genre, its spin-off of the looter-shooter genre, and received a ton of support at launch. If someone avoided it because of the fall of godReviews of, may be worth checking out, especially for those who like co-op (it supports up to 3 co-op players). Plus, if they like it, there’s the Fire and Darkness expansion to check out.

Free PS Plus game for December – Mortal Shell

Deadly Shell Protagonist with the Axatana

Deadly shell is a Soulslike and considered by many to be one of the best of the genre spin-off, receiving average to positive reviews online upon release. Deadly shell is, like many Soulslikes, heavily combat-based, with players taking on one of four gameplay impacting shells: Harros the Vassal, Solomon the Scholar, Tiel the Acolyte, and Eredim the Venerable.

Beyond the fighting, Deadly shell aims to deliver a deeply emotional experience, dark atmosphere, cryptic information, and the aforementioned tough fight. Globally, Deadly shell is ideal for PS Plus, Ancient ring, and Souls fans because it’s free, because you can play it to prepare for Ancient ring, and because it does a pretty good job of honoring Souls’ legacy.

December PS Plus Free Game – LEGO DC Super-Villains

Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves in LEGO DC Super-Villains

For many it is easy to know what to expect from Lego Games. Lego dc super villains doesn’t break the mold in terms of gameplay i.e. anyone who has played Lego batman or something like that knows what to expect. However, this is the first game where a custom character is tied to the story as the villains are reeling from the demise of the Justice League and must fight villains from another universe (who claim to be heroes). .

Including all DLC packs, Lego dc super villains offers 270 characters to play, each representing the abilities of the character involved. It also features plenty of DC sites fans love including Gotham City, Metropolis, Smallville, Arkham Asylum, Apokolips, Stryker’s Island, STAR Labs, and more. And, assuming this leak turns out to be true, it completes some solid lineup to end the year of PS Plus.

PS More subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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