PlayStation Plus can secure huge new free games

It looks like PlayStation Plus subscribers could win big – albeit scary ones – when the revamped service arrives next month.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that we’re only weeks away from the arrival of the all-new PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium tiers. And yet, to the frustration of so many, we still have no idea what games to expect from each level.

While we still don’t have anything too solid, a new document from April 18 of this year (thanks, Push Square) seems to suggest that a number of games from horror studio Bloober Team may be making their way to the mainstream. Revamped PlayStation Plus.

The documents (translated from Polish) refer to a “significant licensing and distribution agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment” and specifically mention the “selected” titles from the Bloober team being made available under a “new distribution”. As Push Square points out, it’s a lot like PlayStation Plus Extra and/or Premium, which will offer “up to 400 of the most enjoyable PS4 and PS5 games”, according to Sony.

“[Bloober Team] will report details, including release dates, in separate reports,” the documentation concludes.

Horror fans will know Bloober Team from their work on a number of recent horror games, including Layers Of Fear, Observer, Blair Witchand The way. There are also plenty of rumors that the studio is working on the recently leaked Silent Hill reboot, which could even mean that the new Silent Hill is finding its way to the new PlayStation Plus. It would be a big win for subscribers, of course.

Take it all with the usual pinch of salt for now. With the new PlayStation Plus just around the corner, we hope Sony and Bloober Team have more to share very soon.

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Carolyn M. Daniel