Online Gaming Encourages Gamers To Stay In Good Mental And Physical Health At Home


The World Health Organization has launched the #HealthyAtHome challenge.

The challenge comes after millions of people have gathered at home trying to protect themselves from exposure to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

With so many people inside most of the time, it’s important that physical and mental health isn’t overlooked.

WHO says people at home should stay healthy through healthy lifestyles and games that will stimulate their minds.

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Some of the lifestyle changes recommended by health officials include: “eat a healthy diet, give up unhealthy habits like smoking, doing yoga or an online workout, going for a walk or run (if your local authorities allow it). ), meditate or play a Game “.

“Spring 2021 saw the launch of Yoga Season on Playrix’s popular Gardenscapes game, encouraging players to stay active, increase their energy and increase health through exercise and meditation,” the health site reports. .

According to SKY News, the gaming industry has seen record sales in recent months.

Discover ten video games that explore mental health.

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Carolyn M. Daniel