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In the modern world, people tend to spend their time playing games online, which is a great way to unwind from the daily grind. Yet the culture of productivity condemns wasting time and blames us for having fun. Everyone knows this simple truth: time equals money, no one can dispute it.

However, what if there was an online game, which not only provided carefree free time after work but also fulfilled the above equation… Dreaming of fever, or not? We’ve looked at the latest innovations and got the answer for you.

Recent technological innovation, GameFi is well known for its “play-to-earn” model, unlike many traditional online games which operate on a “pay-to-win” model and allow players to buy wagers. upgrade in order to gain an advantage. on others. However, the concept of GameFi provides players with financial incentives to play and progress in games. In other words, users can now play games online using their NFT and be financially rewarded just for playing. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Now we have such a game which brings all these features together. “The Presidents,” an exclusive NFT collection that can be created at, brings together GameFi innovation and a unique NFT art collection. The project was recently launched and is based on the Binance Smart Chain.

The “The Presidents” collection represents 20,000 famous presidents of countries and organizations using cryptocurrency and blockchain, who have completely changed our world with their platforms, such as Binance, Ethereum and TRON. Each notable chairman of the collection can be minted for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB) and is one of a kind on any existing blockchain.

In addition, the collection also meets the aesthetic needs of a modern user – with the use of artificial intelligence, each portrait created contains distinctive features. The ‘The Presidents’ collection will go down in digital art history as an NFT masterpiece.

The “The Presidents” collection includes 8 categories of presidents portraits: World, World Legends, USA, USA Legends, Soviet, Crypto, Secret and a Satoshi. Each masterpiece has its own different design. Moreover, once the 20,000 presidents struck, the project will reveal the identity of the two secret presidents.

True collection enthusiasts, those who hit more than 50 presidents or even 150 presidents, will be placed in cashback jackpots, respectively, of 3% (cashback up to 180 BNB) and 7% (cashback up to 420 BNB). This means that for a user’s contribution, the project offers users 600 BNB in ​​return as a loyalty bonus.

Once all 20,000 chairs are hit, that’s where the real fun begins – the project frees up access to its deck of cards. Users can play with their minted or purchased presidents, compete with other collectors, and earn the special governance token. The more presidents a user has, the more chances he has of winning, the more governance tokens he receives!

The project is very interested in the decisions of the community for its future. With the governance token, users can vote and influence project decision-making – what new features, upgrades, and partnerships will be launched over time.

All of the features mentioned above make ‘The Presidents’ collection very appealing to users who just want to have fun while remaining productive, become owners of a unique NFT collection, and be rewarded with the useful governance token for playing. games.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the “Presidents” typing process through the following link:

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