Old PS Plus model may reveal one of the March 2022 free games


It is impossible to predict, month after month, which games will appear on the PSMore service. Sometimes there are huge selections of free PS Plus games that get everyone excited; sometimes, like with the February 2022 PS Plus Free Games, fans find them more disappointing than anything else. March remains to be seen, but PS Plus fans already know they’re getting some sort of bonus in GTA online.

However, fans may know more about the March 2022 PS Plus Free Games than they realize. PS Plus can be unpredictable, but it often relies on quickly identifiable patterns. In fact, at some point last year, fans could relate hell loose was a PS Plus game for October 2021 as there were a few key identifiers. Now, this method isn’t exactly foolproof, but the simple fact is that in the past few months not many games have remotely fallen into this pattern. For March 2022, there are two games that actually match, but at least one that hits all IDs in that model.


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Pattern may reveal free PS Plus games for March 1, 2022

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First, it is worth explaining how this model works. Everyone knows that PS Plus free games are announced on the last Wednesday of the month before the first Tuesday of the following month. Fans can expect a reveal of PS Plus free games for March 2022 on February 23 and release on March 1. This is important because, when PS Plus includes a launch game on the service, it releases on that date but cannot be pre-ordered. If the game was pre-ordered but Sony turned around and gave it away for free, it would require a refund.

Second, what really cemented hell loose as a free PS Plus game was a beta release on PlayStation consoles. It was clear that there was already an agreement between hell loose publisher Team17 and Sony, and the follow-up after that was obvious. The former is quite compelling, but the latter really drives home the potential model here.

Finally it helped hell looseThe release date of was correctly announced in a short period of time and coincided with the expected release date of PS Plus. Games would usually announce a release date months in advance, to allow marketing and hype to do their job, and short lead times aren’t normally beneficial unless it’s for something like PS More.

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Conan Chop Chop Matches This PS Plus Model Best, But There Could Be Another

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With that in mind, many games will launch on March 1 on PlayStation consoles: Shadow Warrior 3, Conan Chop Chop, Elex 2, FAR: Changing the Tidesand Little Orpheus. Of these, the only games that currently cannot be pre-ordered as conan chop chop and Little Orpheus. It’s not just because they’re arguably smaller titles than others, as evidenced by the fact that FAR: changing tides CAN be pre-ordered. So that ticks a box.

Is there some sort of connection between these games and Sony? Good, conan chop chop was first announced as a prank, a roguelite game based on Conan the Barbarian and confirmed to be real on the PlayStation Blog. Furthermore, conan chop chopThe release date for was announced earlier this month as March 1, which was also announced on the PlayStation Blog.

The release date announcement doesn’t add much, but several release date announcements aren’t really announced there, like Little Orpheus, and so it adds some credibility. This is particularly true for conan chop chop, given its initial confirmation years ago. It really hits all three boxes of the older PS Plus model, and while it’s not guaranteed, conan chop chop feels like a strong bet for one of the free PS Plus games for March 2022 slots.

Little Orpheus is less convincing, but still corresponds closely to this model. Little Orpheus cannot be pre-ordered from the PlayStation Store at this time, which ticks a box. Its console release date was announced, as it is a port, at the end of January, so it somewhat matches the recent announcement box. But there’s nothing immediately clear about connecting the game to Sony, but it’s a much better fit than any game in recent months.

Again, PS Plus free games are impossible to predict and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. But, on this basis, it would not be surprising to see conan chop chop as a free PS Plus game for March 2022. Otherwise, Little Orpheus could be in his shadow.

PSMore subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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