Most played online games in Canada in 2021


The average Canadian spent eight hours playing online games every week in 2021. Mobile was the device of choice for gamers in the country. But what were the most popular online games in the country?

It depends on the demographics. Canadian adults played more online games in 2021 than in 2020. Interestingly, more and more parents are playing video games with their children. It will definitely elevate the country’s gaming industry.

With that in mind, these were the 10 most popular online games in Canada in 2021.


Minecraft was the game of choice in Canada and the United States in 2021. That should come as no surprise. The open world game has been gaining popularity sporadically around the world.

For the uninitiated, Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can design almost anything that exists in the real world. Do you want to bake a cake? Not only can you bake cakes in the game, but you can also beat all kinds of baking records while you’re at it.

The beauty of Minecraft is that there’s always something unique you can do. You can build a pyramid. Or you can hunt dragons. You can also search for rare items, play with the weather, or compete to build items.

As mentioned, people love chasing Guinness World Records on Minecraft. If this is your dream, look for records you could chase. Examples include creating the largest bridge, largest flag, or smallest house in the game.


Maybe you have seen your child playing this game. Or maybe you are playing it. Anyway, the Battle Royale game was one of the most popular video games of 2021.

Truth be told, Fortnite isn’t as popular as it was in 2018. Back then, it was attracting up to 80 million concurrent players. Last year, the game averaged 4-8 million concurrent players.

If you want to play Fortnite, choose the Battle Royale mode. This is the most popular mode. Here, you team up with people or play solo for a chance to be the last person standing on a rapidly shrinking island.

There’s a practice area you can visit to learn how the game works before you commit to playing with more dedication. After gaining experience, learn defense. You receive a pickaxe at the start of each game. Use it to pick up metal, bricks and wood.

Above all, protect your health by building a safe place. Also choose consumables along the way to restore your health after being hit.

3—Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the oldest online fighting games. It’s a series of games, to be precise. Still, thousands of Canadians surveyed last year claimed to have played at least one of these COD games:

  • WW2
  • Black Ops 2 and 4
  • modern warfare
  • war zone
  • Mobile

What sets Call of Duty apart from other online games? First, there is the responsive mechanics. Then there is the gameplay. You play as a soldier in a war zone and have a variety of missions to complete.


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is arguably the most popular online game in India. Worldwide, it is one of the top five most famous games, especially in the Battle Royale category.

On the surface, PUBG looks like another Fortnite alternative. But after playing it once, it becomes clear that the game is ousting Fortnite from its throne. Basically, the secret to the game’s success is that every battle is unique.

In Fortnite, people tend to complain that the content is limited. And no one wants to keep using the same weapons and maps over and over again. PUBG uses an 8 x 8 kilometer map.

Like Fortnite, the name of the game in PUBG is survival. If you can outlast everyone on the island, you win. It’s not that easy, however. Your fight is against 99 others.

If you fall on the island too early, you risk being eliminated early. All the same, it is essential to take cover when searching for weapons and essentials. Another important decision you need to make is when to attack or when to take cover.

Every hit you make attracts potential enemies. And if they have better weapons than you, the risk of getting killed is high.

5—Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

While Minecraft is popular with the general public, CS:GO was one of the most played games among professional gamers in Canada. It’s a team game – terrorists against counter-terrorists.

Depending on the side you choose, missions are assigned to you to plant or diffuse bombs, kill terrorists or soldiers. The game features nine modes, ranging from demolition and deathmatch to an arms race and danger zone.

As an eSports game, CS:GO has brought together the best players in the world for annual tournaments. The best players earn millions of dollars through this game, as with our next game:

6—League of Legends

Launched in 2009, League of Legends is one of the most popular video games in the world. He has a huge fan base in Canada which is why he appears on this list. It is a multiplayer game through which you control exceptionally powerful characters called champions.

The more kills and missions you complete, the more points your champion earns. In turn, he becomes more powerful and skilled over time. There is also a shortcut to increasing your champion’s strength: buying experience points.

The objective of LOL is to defend your team’s base while trying to occupy half of your enemy’s map. Like CS:GO, it’s a game you can play professionally on Twitch or in real life.

7—Online casino games

Last year, Canada came to a standstill after the federal government legalized single sports betting. Amazingly, Canadians have been gambling online for over a decade.

In fact, slots, poker, blackjack and roulette were among the most played online games in Canada last year. Click here to learn more about online casinos, the best games to play and payment methods to use for deposits and withdrawals.

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