May 2022 PS Plus Free Games Officially Revealed

If there is a constant with PS Plus, is that fans can generally rely on its reveal/release pattern. PS Plus free games are revealed on the last Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month, which usually, but not always, means the last Wednesday of the previous month. There are occasional surprises, like PS Plus announcements during a State of Play or some holiday interference, but it’s reliable.

So fans knew they were expecting the PS Plus free games announcement for May 2022 today, April 27th. Many fans are also likely aware that a Dealabs user known as Billbil kun has accurately leaked virtually every PS Plus title since late 2021. Additionally, May’s games have leaked online and, as expected, Sony confirmed them today.


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PS Plus free games for May 2022 are FIFA 22, the curse of the dead godsand Tribes of Midgard. All three will be available for PS4 and PS5 versions for FIFA 22 and Tribes of Midgard can also be claimed. PS5 owners will still be able to download Curse of the Dead Gods, sure. They will be available on May 3 and will last until June 7.

How well received these games will be remains to be seen, but it’s also worth noting that many fans were pretty sour about free PS Plus games for the April 2022 lineup. This month saw Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Kill the Arrowand SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated as all of them are part of the lineup, and none have struck the right chord with fans.

According to Opencritic, FIFA 22 has a top review average of 78, Tribes of Midgard has an average of 75 top reviews, and Curse of the Dead Gods has an average of 81 top reviews. In other words, the May 2022 PS Plus free games have plenty of rave reviews, so it’s likely going to come down to your personal taste when it comes to these titles. However, this doesn’t always match up with critics’ ratings, as a good game doesn’t always correlate with service. This goes without saying in April, because kill the arrow is a very good game (with an Opencritic Top average of 89), but it is a card-based game, which may not appeal to all subscribers.

PS Plus subscribers also have a lot to look forward to on the horizon. The PS Plus tier system is set to release in June, offering a massive library of PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 games at the highest tier. A recent report also said that any new game priced at $34 or more would also be required to feature two-hour demos on the PlayStation Network. This, if accurate, will likely resonate with many gamers as they will be able to try out games before they buy them, but developers may not be as happy as it is extra work in more of the already arduous game development process.

PS Plus subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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