List of the best football video games ever made


Football is one of the activities that can be said to have united the world for a very long time. In football, countries put aside their differences and together watch and cheer on their favorite team and player. If you’re a football fanatic, you probably want to play the game, but it can take a huge toll on a person’s body, and not everyone is cut out for it.

Luckily, thanks to advancements in technology, software developers have created a wide variety of football games that are easily accessible to anyone who wants them. While you are browsing these games you can also take some time and check; many games and bonuses are available.

Basic football rules

Knowing the basic rules of football will further enhance your playing experience:

  • A match consists of two halves, each lasting 45 minutes, with a 15-minute break between the two halves.
  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball in the penalty area.
  • The playing field should be natural or artificial grass, as it is safer for the players. In addition, the size of the field must be between 100 and 130 meters.
  • It should also be marked with a rectangular shape all around the outside indicating the “out of bounds” area, 2 six-yard boxes, a center circle and 2 eighteen-yard boxes.
  • Teams are allowed to provide up to seven substitute players and substitutions can be made at any time during the match.
  • The entire circumference of the ball must cross the goal line for it to count as a goal.
  • A yellow card is issued as a warning, and two yellow cards, a red card and a red card are issued after four fouls.

Types of soccer video games

Video games are a popular form of entertainment, especially among young people. Football video games are among the most popular on the market. Many people enjoy playing video games as they provide a challenging and fun way to improve one’s soccer skills.

First person football

At first glance, this kind of football video game is played from the player’s point of view. Here, players are given different game characters (players), but the type of players available to them usually depends on their level in the game of football. The higher the players go, the better players they get. Games like these are very inclusive, as players see everything from their perspective.

Soccer Manager game

For football fans looking to get a taste of managing a football team, games like these come highly recommended as they give you a great insight into the life and responsibilities of a manager of football. With games like these, players are made to be in charge of a soccer team or multiple soccer teams, and as they progress through the game they decide which players to trade. They also have the option of transferring high-ranking players to their teams. The goal is to ensure that managed teams succeed by scoring goals and winning tournaments.

Football in team mode

In this type of football video game, you have the chance to build the ultimate dream team of high-ranking players with the necessary skills. Then test your team’s skills and teamwork by playing against other teams in tournaments for a chance to win rewards and trophies. Games like these are available in single and multiplayer modes.

street football

Street football might be for you if you fancy something a little more laid back than the rest. In this type, players play a 2×2 match or a 3×3 match. It is usually played freestyle and standard football rules do not apply here. Unlike other stadium matches, street football is usually played on a concrete floor. It’s unique and very entertaining too.

There are many soccer video games, each with unique gameplay elements. Some of the most popular types of soccer video games include:

  • FIFA 22
  • eFootball PES
  • FIFA 16
  • ESP 2016
  • FIFA 14

What devices can be used to play football games?

Before selecting a particular video game, it is recommended to check the platform on which it is played to avoid scenarios where you acquire a video game that you cannot use because you do not have the necessary console. Below are the devices that football video games can be played on:

  • computer
  • PS5
  • Xbox series
  • PS4
  • nintendo switch

Benefits of playing football video games

Football video games can be played on a variety of platforms, including personal computers, game consoles, and even smartphones. Some football video games are based on real professional leagues, while others are more fantasy based. Regardless of their premise, all football video games have certain advantages when playing.

Hand-eye coordination

Playing football video games improves hand-eye coordination. Players must perform specific moves quickly without looking at their gaming device at certain times. It is a great benefit of playing video games so much that surgeons are encouraged to play them as it helps them to improve their accuracy in theater. It’s also great for people who engage in activities that require them to move their hands quickly and precisely without thinking.

Faster decisions

Another great thing about soccer video games is the way the games move so quickly, forcing players to make split-second strategic decisions. Regularly playing football video games allows gamers to study the game so well that they can analyze specific scenarios and formulate a solution in seconds, a skill that is required in the life of every human being. Thanks to football video games, players can react to real situations appropriately and quickly, making better judgments.


Football connects people regardless of race, language and other barriers that exist. With some soccer games, players can communicate with other players. For people who find it difficult to socialize in real life, football video games help them and also help them to make new friends.

What is the most popular football video game?

Every year, a batch of new football games are released, and it can be very difficult to choose one as the most popular, but if we had to pick one, FIFA 22 would be our top choice; this is the 29th edition of the FIFA series. FIFA 22 has licenses for around 30 leagues, 700 clubs and over 15,000 players. Its hyper motion technology allows it to display players in their most natural form. It also comes with a feature called “career mode”, which allows the user to control a player’s career. It is single player and can be played on PS 5 and Xbox Series.


Football is always a pleasure to engage in, whether online or on the pitch. You may not master these football games immediately after you start playing them, but constant practice will sharpen your skills. As stated earlier, a good knowledge of the basic rules would ensure that you avoid breaking said rules while playing. This way, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without getting red and yellow cards here and there. Before choosing a game, read as many reviews as possible, which will allow you to make better decisions.

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