January’s PlayStation Plus free games have a nasty surprise for some subscribers

January’s free PlayStation Plus games are a rather nasty surprise for some PS Plus subscribers. Sony released the January 2022 free PS Plus games yesterday. And that’s a pretty solid lineup of games. Persona 5 attackers may be a niche, but it is much appreciated. During this time, Galactic Deep Rock is not only a popular game, but it’s brand new to PlayStation consoles after being an Xbox exclusive console. Finally, there is Dirt 5, which might not be for everyone being a racing game, but it’s one of the best games in its genre since its release alongside the PS5 in 2020. Again, it’s a pretty solid range of games, but that’s not the range some Middle Eastern subscribers have become.

On Reddit, a PS Plus subscriber is relaying the word rather than Persona 5 attackers, they received How to survive 2, a much older game, a much less qualitative game and a much less popular game. We’re not sure why some subscribers are getting this substitute, but it’s not uncommon for free PlayStation Plus games to vary by region. For example, Japan regularly receives different games.

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific information on which countries in the Middle East fell prey to this “very disappointing” substitute, as the Reddit user did not specify. That said, if further information is provided as to why some subscribers are not receiving Persona 5 attackers or which countries specifically don’t get the game, we’ll update the story accordingly.

PlayStation Plus is available through modern PlayStation consoles. It’s a monthly subscription service, but annual subscriptions are the cheapest, and those cost $ 60, or $ 5 per month.

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