How video games predict the future

The future is an enigma because we don’t know what might happen. The wise said how you spend your days is how you spend your life, which may be true, but they didn’t have the technology we have today.

Thanks to the many advances, we can see the moon and even fly towards it, but we still won’t know what the universe hides. Games play an active role in predicting the future. They allow players to enjoy a good or a dark and take various accounts when creating a sci-fi title.

Fiction can turn into reality as human imagination displaces technology, which is why video games give us a glimpse into the future. In this regard, here are several titles that show you a possible future:

Fallout: New Vegas

Nuclear fallout is a possibility because there are many countries around the world that have nuclear warheads that could spell disaster for the world. New Vegas centers on a post-apocalyptic Sin City where mutants roam and survivors fight for control of what’s left.

New Vegas is a possible version of Las Vegas today. Sin City is alive and well although most of the industry is online these days. Sites like cover the variety of games available at online casino sites such as table games, slots, live casino titles and even some sites. The main thing to remember about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

New Vegas has 5 establishments where players can enter and enjoy a casino game or two. There are several table games and even slot machines that will award you bottle caps, gear, or a suite key if you’re lucky. Even after a nuclear fallout, people are looking for a way to be entertained, but they would also yell at each other when it comes to surviving.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

We can call it the Old Republic but from our point of view, it would be a new one. Anyway, according to this game, we would discover the Force and train Jedi as warrior-monks and diplomats to maintain peace in the galaxy.

Additionally, we will establish the Galactic Republic with multiple planets and systems and co-exist with multiple alien species. But some of them would not like the Republic and some Jedi will not agree with the Jedi Order, that’s why they will form an Empire and try to overthrow the Republic.

The story of this game follows a similar storyline and your character can stop or help in the destruction of the Galactic Republic. The dark side or the light side of the Force depends on your choices in the game, which makes it a very good video game.

dead space

Asteroid mining is just an idea in development. Dead Space takes such an idea and takes it to another level. That’s because an entire mining facility has gone silent, and your job as Isaac Clarke is to find out what happened. The ship was invaded by an unknown alien race because some people on board took away an ancient relic. In other words, Dead Space can show us the worst case scenario when looking for new resources in the universe. Luckily, you’ll make it out alive in the game and can bring the artifact home. Humanity may have to face an alien race and they won’t stand a chance if the race is as persistent as the one in this game. But the universe has to be explored.


Technology and humans go hand in hand, so why shouldn’t they be a whole? In the dark future of Observer, it is impossible to find a job without cybernetic implants. You play as an Observer, a detective looking for his son. As an observer, you can enter the minds of the living and the dead to learn more about them. But their minds will hide terrible things. And once you discover the truth about your son, you’ll be faced with a possible answer to the connection between technology and human consciousness.


These are just a few sci-fi titles and they can serve as warnings to move forward. But these are just previews, so it’s unclear what the future holds.

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Carolyn M. Daniel