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Computer games appeared in the middle of the last century. They weren’t as exciting as modern games. They were very few and differed significantly from each other. Later, in the 80s-90s, more diverse games began to appear, quickly gaining popularity among gamers. There was a genre concept for easier classification by users and developers at that time. After the release of a popular game, a mass of analogues appeared, in which the developers made their additions, but they used the same game mechanics. As a result of this development around popular projects, there are had whole categories of similar games, which then formed genres.

What is a genre of video game?

A game genre is a set of games united by common game characteristics. Usually the main criterion in its description is the action that the player performs, unlike the genre, for example, of a literary work. In games, this concept is commonly referred to as tuning.

Game genres, oddly enough, are impossible to categorize very clearly, as the same game can easily belong to different genres. Nevertheless, this classification is very useful because generally, players prefer a certain type of game. When the developer announces the genre he is interested in, he can easily define whether this game will be interesting or not.

Let’s look at the genres most clearly divided in order of popularity with gamers (according to Playliner stats as of April 2018).

Action games.

Among the most popular are action games. This genre has a lot of subgenres, the most famous of which are platform games (platformers), fighting games and, of course, which have not lost their popularity since the 1990s, shooters (games of shoot). Also, this genre includes arcade (arcade), survival (horror, stealth), slope gamesport (sport), simulation (simulation), race (race).

Platform games

This genre includes games designed for consoles but is now quite available on PC through the use of simulators and emulators, as well as updates and improvements from manufacturers. In these games, the gameplay usually consists of jumps and climbs, the character can do a lot of jumps, and the player can control the hero’s movements in the air. The most popular games of this genre can be attributed to the well-known game Super Mario Bros. and Limbo, INSIDE, Unravel.

shooting games

As you can understand from the name, shooters (shooters) – a game with weapons, often with violent gameplay, in which the player has to shoot and hit the target. Without mixing other genres, the simplest example of a shooting game can serve as a game with a shooting range, where the player must hit the targets. In combination with other simple genres, shooters can be a battlefield game, with a variety of combat tasks. There is a first-person shooter (first-person shooter) when the camera is displayed through the eyes of the game character. For example, the first of these games can serve as the famous Doom. In third person games (third person shooter), the player character is visible on the screen and the virtual camera is behind or on the side, like Max Payne 3.

Fighting games

In fighting games, typically one or a few characters fight one-on-one with roughly equal opponents. These games are often online, multiplayer, with many players. It can be melee combat, melee weapons or martial arts. Examples of such games are Shadow Fight 2 Mortal Combat.

Arcade games (Arcade)

Arcade games are one of the oldest genres, for example the game Q*Bert. The main task of this game is to collect special items on the level, and sometimes you have to paint the level (for example, 3 in a row) to find a way out or in time to often press the keys, these games are endless , they must score the highest number of game points. The view in these games is usually from the top, sometimes from the side. When combined with other genres, arcade games can include battles with enemies or traps.

“Spy” games, survival (stealth games)

In spy games, destroying enemies is not necessary and sometimes punished. The player must be stealthy and discreet. Usually the player is a thief, spy, sniper or assassin. The character is often very wounded, and he should not fall under direct attacks. The main devices of the player in such a game are silenced weapons, different traps, night vision devices, explosives, etc. An example of such a game is Hitman 2.

Sports games

This genre can also be called “competition” or “sports simulation”. It can be divided into team and solo games and sports. The character is in a certain setting or territory: on the playing field of the stadium, and must respect certain rules. The player must control a single character (a simulation of swimming, golf, running, etc.). In a team game, the task is complicated by the need to navigate between team members (soccer, basketball, hockey simulation). Examples of these games are NBA 2K19 FIFA.

Simulation games (Simulation)

This genre includes various simulations. Sometimes simulation games simulate the control of any technical means (vehicle simulation), for example, simulation planes, tanks, ships and spaceships. Usually, the gameplay of these games consists of simulating different real-life situations, and the screen shows the machine cabin in which the game takes place. The game is difficult to control, involving many buttons on the keyboard or using a separate control device.

There are also life simulation games or biological simulations. For example, on the one hand, the player simulates new species and their development in the ecosystem, and on the other hand, the player can feel himself in the form of an animal.

Another subgenre of this genre can be called construction and management simulation. The essence of these representations is to create, expand or manage fictional communities or projects with limited resources, such as Sim City.

The main task in games of this genre is to compete for speed on a particular type of equipment. It can be a race of cars, spaceships, exotic, non-existent animals, etc. An example of such a game can be the famous Need for Speed: Underground.


Next in the popularity volume genre with many subgenres – a strategy. Strategies are economic (economic), tower defense (tower defense), military (wargame), card games (card game).


And the last of the most popular game genres – role-playing games or RPGs (role-playing games). These include subgenres such as Educational, Adventure, Quest, Puzzle, Browser Games, MUDs, and MMORPGs.


A kind of genre that remembers a very narrow circle of users because these games are usually designed for preschoolers. In its purest form, games of this genre teach young children the numbers, the alphabet, the names of things.


The most popular genres on PC can be attributed to games such as network, role-playing games, shooters, platformers and strategy. Mobile devices are more popular – simulation, card games, puzzles and puzzles.

Most likely, the number of genres described above is definitely not the limit in today’s gaming industry, as games are becoming more and more complex and fascinating. Perhaps with the introduction of virtual reality and other modern technologies, there will be other genres that are even more complex and confusing. Nevertheless, if you highlight the main signs of gameplay in a game, you can always easily determine which main genres can be referred to.

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