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November 2, PS More subscribers will have access to 6 new games. This also means that there are only a few days left to claim the free PS Plus games for October 2021, which include Hell let loose for PS5, PGA 2K21 Tour for PS4, and Mortal Kombat X for PS4. In contrast, the November lineup offers a wider range of genres and styles, if not because the PSVR is added.

In short, the six free PS Plus games for November 2021 include First class problem, a social deduction game for PS4 and PS5; Kingdoms of Amalur: recount, a remaster of a classic action RPG for PS4; City KO, a competitive multiplayer dodge ball game for PS4 and PS5; Persistence, a rogue-lite where players aim to restore a ship and return to earth (PSVR — VR optional); The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, a PSVR game set during the zombie apocalypse; and Until you fall, VR sword fighting experience.

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Every PS Plus game, of course, is a bit more complex than that, so for those who want a more complete breakdown, here’s what everyone needs to know about these games.

PS Plus – First Class Issue (PS4 / PS5)


First class problem is a social deduction game in a similar vein to Among us. In it, humans attempt to bring down CAIN (the central artificial intelligence network) and its personoids, the latter pretending to be human and killing players. Six players are in a First Class Trouble match: Four Residents, Two Personoids. Residents must complete complete objectives on the map, while personoids lie and deceive players, aiming to kill them in all unique and fun ways. First class problem oneallow.

PS Plus – Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)

Kingdoms of Amalur poster

Kingdoms of Amalur: recount is a remaster of a classic 2012 high fantasy game. As a remaster it is quite poor in terms of applied enhancements etc, but it comes with the DLC and should get a new one soon. It follows the adventures of the Fateless One, who can be Civilized Humans, Dark Elves, Light Elves, or Nomadic Humans, expanding their class trees and abilities on the paths of Fighter, Thief, or Mage (mix and match As they wish). Fates, which are unlocked through in-game actions, add more buffs on top of that.

The combat is pretty straightforward: push of a button, QTE events, a slow motion mode known as Reckoning mode that allows fateshifting enemies and defeating them quickly, and more. There are a ton of weapons players can use to get the most out of their build and aid them on their journey to defy fate.

PS Plus – Knockout City (PS4 / PS5)

Knockout City gets next gen upgrade and Royal Rumble mode

City KO is a team-based multiplayer dodge ball game, and it’s about as easy as it sounds. Players must attack enemies with balls that spawn around the map, and there are several types like the Moon Ball (which allows players to jump higher) or the Bomb Ball (explodes on contact with the enemy). Pitches are a matter of skill, focusing on accuracy, precision, positioning and strategy, even taking into account other aspects such as false throws and tackling opponents with a ball.

Progress in the game is unlocked Breathtaking city‘s Holobucks to purchase customization items or their characters during their missions in all futuristic maps in the game. Some game modes include Team KO (TDM), Diamond Dash (players must collect whatever players drop), and more. City KO Also getting a KO Royale mode soon. Overall, it’s a fun, if silly, multiplayer title.

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Free PS Plus games for November 2021 – PSVR titles

To celebrate PSVR, PS Plus subscribers are getting three free PSVR games this month also in addition to their traditional lineup. These three games are Persistence, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, and Until you fall. Persistence, notably, can be played with or without VR, and players, as a clone of security guard Zimri Eder, attempt to survive, move around an ever-changing ship, restore its functionality and return to Earth.

Every adventure in Persistence changes through the exchange of bridges, with stealth being a solid option for dodging new creatures aboard the ship. DNA material can be used for various upgrades, which are kept whenever the player starts a new race in Persistence. Death only forces the clone into another body, and that’s not the end.

The Walking Dead: Saints and SinnersThe VR gameplay puts a different spin on the fact that death is not the end, as players must battle the living and the living dead to survive a warring New Orleans. A mystery arises that could end this war, putting all of this pressure on the player to fix things.

updated Undead Saints and Sinners Meat Grinder

The gameplay consists of crafting, exploration, big choices, and bloody combat (as it should be for a Walking Dead Game). In VR, layers can use physics-based objects comprised of melee, ranged, and makeshift weapons; hitting the head of a walker with these weapons, sometimes having to tear off the weapon stuck in their skull; crawl the streets and old mansions, looking for supplies and more; and climb buildings, cars and walls to do it all.

The focus on choosing how to do all of this is also interesting, as players can choose to use guns or sneak around, rely on different factions for missions, protect people or murder them, and make choices that impact the city of New Orleans forever.

until you fall psvr

Until you fall concludes the PS Plus and PSVR game offerings this month, and it’s a VR sword fighting experience. Players can use melee and magic as they battle hundreds of enemies and form their own fighting style, sometimes adapting it to one monster or another. Until you fall is described as a rogue-lite except when, when players die, progression is maintained throughout the game. Overall, the emphasis on combat makes it a fun, yet straightforward experience.

PS More subscribers receive a handful of free games each month.

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