Epic Games Store free games kick off well in December, but there’s more on the horizon


The Epic game store recently revealed the first free-to-play games fans can claim once December 2nd arrives, and one of them is an incredibly popular asymmetric multiplayer game: Death by the light of day. With constant support and a solid fan base, it’s a good time for anyone who has thought about getting started but hasn’t.

However, December is generally a big month for the Epic Games Store. It hasn’t been officially mentioned or revealed yet, but Death by the light of day maybe just the icing on the cake. If all goes as it did in the past, fans will see a huge selection of games arriving in December.


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Epic Games Story Free Games For The Holidays

For the past two years, the Epic Games Store has released a new game every day through January 1, starting around the middle of the month. The Epic Games Store gave away 12 free games in 2019, while it gave away 15 in 2020. Hell, it was even so popular that someone created a bogus free Epic Games store list for the event, something to watch out for this year too. It remains to be seen where this December really falls, but it’s an exciting time for free play.

epic game store death in the light of day

Not to mention, while EGS tends to focus on smaller, more independent titles for its fans, there have also been a few zingers every year. In 2019, for example, fans have Celeste, Superhot, Into the breach, and hello neighbor. The following year saw Alien: Isolation, Metro 2033, Tropico 5, and Hitman 2, with a bunch of games every year to support the biggest titles too.

So the big question now is what the Epic Games Store plans for December. Fans may be really interested, but the truth is they probably won’t find out until mid-December. This Epic Games Store giveaway is like a giveaway – surprise is half of it. As such, when that does start, how many games will be offered, and that is all hanging around.

The chances that the Epic Games Store will still follow this tradition, however, are pretty high. It’s not impossible that the Epic Games Store will abandon it, but at the same time, it’s something that many EGS users are probably looking forward to. If EGS wasn’t going to end it, it should have confirmed that already.

Anyway, however, Death by the light of day is a good start to the month. The following will help define the month of course, but if Death by the light of day is the first title of the 12-15+ games offered this year, so it will be really interesting to see how EGS maintains that bar.

Epic game store users get a handful of free games every month.

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