Epic Games Store free games for October 2021 keep getting more and more spooky

As October 2021 approaches, subscription services are brewing everywhere. The Epic game store is one of those, turning its free play policy towards darker titles. So far, a relatively spooky experience has been made free on the store this year, and now Among the sleep will really turn that horror feeling into something more terrifying.

Europa Universalis and PC construction simulator (which were also free on the Epic Games Store in October) can hardly be called horror games, despite the intimidating nature of their complex interfaces. While Stubbs the zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse is more thematic in starring an undead protagonist, calling it “scary” may not be accurate.

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The ironic humor of this game pales in comparison to the truly eerie atmosphere of Among the Sleep. As Stubbs the zombie, this free game is also a remaster. The original 2014 indie horror game now looks even scarier, and its free release could attract a larger player base.

Epic Games has already embraced Halloween

crush zombie with epic game store logo

If players want to log in to redeem the Paladins Epic Pack until October 21, they can also download a more spooky title: Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. The free release of Stubbs The Epic Games Store came after the new addition of critical scores to its store pages, which did the 2021 remaster no favors.

The game was marred by controversy when it was released due to its alleged promotion of cannibalism in 2005. Psychologist David Walsh’s National Institute on Media and the Family (NIMF) argued that the game may encourage such activities in children. (a common attack vector against games among critics at the time). When Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Cause released as a remaster in 2021, this speech did not resume.

What among sleep?

Among the Sleep Gameplay trailer

Originally released in 2014, Among the sleep is an indie horror game with a bit of a twist. The game is set in the early 1990s and stars a small child who witnesses a fight between his estranged parents. As cases like these tend to occur, it manifests as a nightmare when the toddler falls asleep. This is where the disturbing events of Among the sleep take place. There is always a silver lining, and in this case, it’s a sensitive teddy bear named Teddy. The version released for free on the Epic Games Store has a lot more Teddy content, which can prove to be a double-edged sword depending on how the player approaches the game.

The basic gameplay plays out in the same way as the “walking simulators” like Dear Esther, but the crawling mechanism and the baby’s size mean that toddler protagonist David often has to think of inventive ways around environmental obstacles. Similar to Dear Esther, its themes also delve deeply into the often overwhelming subtleties of families in difficulty. David has a unique focus for looking at this type of fractured relationship, and is not a perspective that often comes to the fore.

Besides being one of the scariest indie horror games, Among the sleep was a popular Kickstarter project that also received considerable funding from the Norwegian government. The Kickstarter campaign grossed $ 258,000, which far exceeded its original goal. Many independent games receive funding from cultural institutes in their countries, especially those that feature unique storytelling twists.

Recently Roman Time Loop Game The forgotten city published unanimously and has been partially funded by the various cultural centers in Australia. This attention makes sense given that its original mod form even won a National Writer’s Guild award.

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Among the stages of sleep, the horror of the epic free store

Screenshot of Sleep Gameplay

In the end, what Among the sleep accomplished is a masterclass in perspective. Very few games put the direct first person point of view of a real toddler, and fewer do so successfully. A good example of this poorly done mechanic is the opening of Bethesda Fallout 3, which was otherwise a successful relaunch of the series formula. Fallout 3The opening hour of is to play through the childhood of the protagonist, with a lot of time spent as a baby. A large number of Fallout 3The most popular mods do away with this strenuous section entirely.

Among the sleep solves many problems with this type of first-person baby play by making child psychology a central concern. One of its most successful elements is how it uses the relative size of the child to create a spooky video game. Much of David’s nightmare is exacerbated by impending huge furniture. The metaphorical transformation of the two parent figures into towering, towering creatures really adds to the overall discomfort of the game. What might normally be a lovely bedtime lullaby becomes a sinister hymn.

The music used throughout is particularly interesting. One of the main monsters is a more feminine creature, and whenever he stalks David, the “mother of trolls lullaby” can be heard, which begs the question of who exactly the troll is. Globally, Among the sleep runs into some issues with its limited lineup of player agencies, but ultimately overcomes this with strong aesthetic and thematic principles. It bills itself as a fantastic indie horror game and is definitely worth picking up for free from the Epic Games Store. Who knows what kind of horror gem the showcase will come out next.

Among the sleep will become free through the Epic Games Store on October 24.

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