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The Internet is a wonderful place. You wouldn’t be here without it. Internet is really great. It is the greatest entertainment center of mankind. Whether it’s streaming movies, messaging friends around the world, or keeping up to date with your favorite YouTubers, there are endless activities to keep you entertained.

Computer games are foremost among those computer activities that keep you from getting bored. Specifically – free downloadable computer games. Here is a list of epic free video games that you can play on the computer.

We are broken

Would you like to crack under the interrogation of three bloodthirsty vampires? In We are broken, you can find out. We are broken is an indie game based on a story where vampires have succeeded in enslaving mankind. There is only a small resistance force left, and you play as three humans captured by the enemy.

These three vampires want to know where the hiding place of human resistance is and it’s your job not to give in to the pressure no matter what interrogation techniques they use. You might think it won’t be that difficult given that your captors will be stuck behind a screen, but we recommend playing in the dark to turn the epic suspense up a notch. You will be very intrigued by the sinister stories these vampires reveal.

Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes

Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes combine match-three puzzle game from candy Crush with I-Spy-watching fun – and you solve crimes in the process! It really is a weird setup, but somehow it works. The character avatars in this game are absolutely nifty, the story is solid, and you will enjoy the ability to talk and trade items with friends.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the forensic mystery of shows like CSI but don’t feel smart or motivated enough to do this type of work in real life, this game is your chance to get in on the action without too much. effort. Solve crimes by finding hidden objects and solving match-3 puzzles. This fictional version of New York will thank you.

Hello guest

Yes, this was done by the same editor as hello neighbor. TinyBuild released for the first time Hello guest like a hello neighbor spin-off, but it soon became clear that Hello Guest was essentially the pre-alpha of Hello neighbor 2. In Hello guest, players can try out an open world concept in an equally spooky environment, but this time you play as a night security guard in a very vacant and weird Golden Apple theme park.

As usual, the evil AI reacts to your game and learns how to get the most out of you the longer you play. This built-in intelligence makes a scary game even more frightening and will give you goosebumps thrilled the whole time you grab your computer mouse.

Will you be able to outsmart the AI ​​and protect the more remote parts of the park from vandals, or will the man with the creepy beak attack you from behind? Hello guest is a free-to-play stealth horror game at its best.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

If you like point and click cooking games, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is the epic free game for you. Even if you’re not necessarily a SpongeBob fanatic, the amount of gameplay available in this free-to-play game makes it a good choice.

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off combines an entertaining story with fun point & click. As usual, Mr. Krabs is on the hunt for his next money-making ploy, SpongeBob has kindly pledged their allegiance to the French fries cause, and Plankton is backstage trying to sort things out. The great thing about this game is that it is not loaded with ads. You really don’t have to watch a single one unless you want the game to reward freebies.

The story doesn’t get in the way of the gameplay too much, but if you’re the type of person who plays a game for their story, you’ll appreciate the fun writing. In this game you will help the Bikini Bottom gang to prepare all kinds of orders. From kelp smoothies to classic krabby patties, you’ll find yourself addicted to leveling up. You can even participate in online tournaments to win great prizes that will make your frying a cinch.

Fantastic Kingdom of Elvenar

Think Catan meets Valhalla Hills. This free city building game takes place in the magical kingdom of Elvenar. Expand your kingdom by gathering resources, researching ancient technologies, and trading with other players. The cartoon graphics of this game are admirable. You will have the choice of playing as a human or an elf and will be able to welcome many other fantastic races to your realm as you play.

Elvenar Fantasy Kingdom has dwarves, dragons, fairies, and more. Create the magical kingdom of your dreams as you discover new provinces and expand your city.

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