Do you like playing card games? Download Indian Rummy App and Earn Money


Are you a true card game lover who enjoys playing, challenging and winning card games? Well, if you nod your head in agreement then here is something that you are not only going to love, but that will make your mouth water completely. Yes, we are talking about a Indian rummy app which lets you play games on the go and earn real money.

Yes, you heard right! Each cash game earns you real money in your account. So if you are just fed up with the digital money that was just added to the website but not reaching your bank account, here is the answer you will love. Is there a catch to be gained in getting this money? Yes there is and that is what you need to do.

You need a unique account

If you want to play cash games the first thing you need to do is create a unique account which can be linked to your bank account. Remember, this is real money, so you don’t want it to land in another account. So regular formalities such as KYC, Aadhar link, PAN card details will be required. Of course, to get started you can just link it to your Facebook account or give a valid email address and get started.

You have to become a money player

Most rummy apps and websites will show you bonus offers when you join the website. But to use the bonus amount, you will also need to add cash value. The value can be very small like Rs. 25 / – but you will have to make this investment. After that you can add the bonus amount and start playing cash games.

There is a minimum lock-in amount

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that rummy apps have a certain amount of locking. This amount remains in your account, of course the remaining winning amount is yours. So understand the terms and conditions and then choose a game.

How to download Indian rummy app?

Downloading rummy apps is pretty straightforward. These apps are safe and available for Android and iOS. Some rummy apps like RummyCircle are not available on Google Play Store. However, you can download the app from their website. There would be an APK file that would ask for permission on your mobile saying “allow download from unknown sources” and you would just need to change your phone settings and let the download continue. It is an automated and hassle-free process.

The applications are completely safe and secure

Some people think that just because it’s not there on the Play Store, they are not safe. But these apps are as safe as the website and you can download them with confidence and even transact without any stress. Playing indian rummy on the app, is the best way to win and experience the game.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an app

Yes, there are many websites with rummy apps. But which one should you have in your cell phone? Here is a quick checklist that you should keep in mind before downloading any rummy app.

  • Does the app support your mobile operating system
  • How many players are registered on the rummy site
  • What customer reviews say on the site
  • Does the app support all game formats
  • Is there a secure way to transact on the app
  • Is there an antivirus protecting the application from intruders

Check all these factors when you are about to download the app and start enjoying rummy games. When you are online, rummy games become even more fun. You can not only play with the best players, but also enjoy the games whenever and wherever you want. Making money couldn’t have been more convenient than this.

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