Black Friday Pokemon 2022 deals: TCG cards, video games, plushies and more


Published: 2022-11-05T22:13:47

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Pokemon fans are gearing up for holiday shopping, and Black Friday 2022 will have plenty of deals to take advantage of. Below are potential sales of Pokemon collectibles, TCG cards, video games, and more..

Pokemon fans have plenty of ways to show their love for the franchise. From Pokémon-covered clothes to TCG premium collection boxes, players have many things to watch out for. For this reason, taking advantage of seasonal sales like Black Friday can be key to getting a great deal on the perfect gift or collectible.

Finding the right deals can be tricky, as those looking for video games, plush, collectibles, and clothing will all have to check different websites.

To help you out, below are all the different Black Friday sales fanatics you can look up to, as well as sites worth checking out as the big sales events draw closer in the coming weeks. .

When is Black Friday 2022?

This year, Black Friday will officially take place on November 25, 2022.

The Pokemon Company

Charizard Ultra Premium collections make a great gift!

However, many deals last through November, and those looking to take advantage of some great online sales can also partake in Cyber ​​Monday on November 28, 2022.

Luckily, most online retail websites observe both, allowing shoppers to get great deals and avoid crowded stores or long lines.

Best Pokemon TCG Black Friday deals

There are many different websites players can check out when looking for Black Friday sales on Pokémon cards. Although the last few years haven’t been the best for collectors due to the massive shortage of most Sword & Shield sets, this year looks more promising. Below are the websites to check for Pokemon TCG Black Friday deals.

  • best buy – Currently has sets for Silver Tempest, VSTAR Hisuian Premium Collections, Booster Packs, Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Boxes, Pokemon Go Collections, and more.
  • Amazon – Currently already stocked with offers, including the Sword and Shield Lost Origins Build & Battle Stadium, Viridium V Collector’s Boxand V Battle Deck Zeraora vs. Deoxys collection.
  • GameStop – Currently stocked with the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection, Shining Fates Collector Boxes, Silver Tempest Pre-Orders, and Vivid Voltage Boosters among many others.
  • TCGPlayer – Currently stocked with almost anything any Pokemon TCG collector could be looking for. Sales can be on larger items or single cards.
  • Target – Currently has a large selection of boxes, booster boxes, premium collections, and Pokemon Go items.

Best Black Friday deals for Pokemon video games

Pokemon fans looking to get hard copies of video games will also want to keep an eye out for plenty of websites. Older games are more likely to have a good sale during Black Friday, making them a great buy for those who want a physical edition before Gen 8 games start disappearing after scarlet and violet out this month.

  • Target – Has copies of Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Sword, Shield, Let’s Go, Eevee!, Let’s Go, Pikachu!, New Pokemon Snap, and more.
  • GameStop – Contains all current Gen 8 games plus older titles for Nintendo 3DS, DS, Wii and WiiU.
  • best buy – Has all Gen 8 games and some Nintendo Switch collector’s edition consoles.
  • Amazon – The Amazon Nintendo Store carries most Gen 8 games currently available. Fans may also be able to get a deal on older game sales to third parties.
  • Nintendo Digital Store – Fans will also want to keep an eye out for digital download sales happening on the Nintendo Store. Older Gen 8 games may qualify for Black Friday discounts.

Best Black Friday deals for Pokemon collectibles

While grabbing games and hoarding Pokemon cards are great ways to cash in on Black Friday, plenty of other fans may be looking for the opportunity to buy some cute t-shirts, plushies, watches, or even jewelry. Below are locations that may have good sales on Pokemon collectibles.

  • Target – Currently stocked with minifigures, soft toys, board games, advent calendars, Lego kits and bedroom accessories.
  • GameStop – Many different plush toys, socks, figures and t-shirts.
  • The Pokemon Center – Currently, there is no news on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday deals, but the official site is one of the best places to get Pokemon merchandise.
  • Amazon – The Amazon Pokemon store offers a collection of plush toys, Lego sets, Advent calendars, pillows, and more.

This guide will continue to be updated as new Black Friday information becomes available.

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