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It is often difficult to extinguish thoughts on purpose, to silence the everyday noise in the head. Stress, sudden affairs, and family issues can cause anxiety and pressure that is not so easy to handle.

When it seems like our mind is going to explode due to worry and stress, the easiest and fastest way to divert our thoughts and “escape” from reality is to play a free online game. .

Not something strategic, complicated, and dangerous, but relatively simple and interesting enough to focus on without additional fatigue. Simple games are the best almost instant way to rest and relax your pitchnm

These are some of the best free and relaxing brain games that you can find online.


Puzzles remind us of childhood and the different similar games we used to play with relatives or friends. No matter how old we are, it can still be fun and kind of like a comfort game to calm us down when we are nervous. We will of course not take a box of puzzles with us, but we can find them online.

And puzzles are one of the most popular versions of this game. They are free and you can choose which level you want to play.

Sometimes up to half an hour a day or during working hours is enough for your brain to rest and restart for new challenges.


Sudoku is an enigmatic game based on math and logic. For example, some tasks in the intelligence test use the principles of Sudoku. There are more levels and variations of the game, but this usually involves a large square containing 81 small squares.

These 81 are grouped into nine medium-sized squares. The object of the game is to fill all the boxes with numbers from 1 to 9, provided that each number can only appear nine times. Initially, the random squares already contain numbers.

Based on this, guided by logic or the elimination method, you need to conclude in which field to put other numbers.

Neal Taparia, entrepreneur and owner of SolitaireBrain is a big fan of Sudoku and regularly plays it when he feels overwhelmed by the daily business challenges.

Some versions of sudoku may have more than one solution. The game is simple and addicting because it constantly challenges you to think. You are so focused that you are exercising your brain, especially if your logic and motor skills are poor.

If you start with lighter versions, you can eventually become a real Sudoku master. Moreover, this game is like meditation and rest because while playing you only think about the game which is enough to relax your brain and body.


Zuma is a puzzle-based game that places the player in a role of elimination. The player is in the middle of a rotating circle or spiral that contains multicolored balls. These bullets penetrate the skull and players must prevent them. The goal is to eliminate a match or several balls of the same color. If you miss, you lose a life.

You win and go to the next level when you eliminate all the balls. This game also has many versions; some are paid, but you can find this classic for free on many online platforms. The game involves concentration and speed.

You have to act fast if you don’t want the skull to “eat” all the balls. The game helps channel anger, rage or stress and turn it into a victory. Zoma is a great choice for when you want to deal with negative energy somewhere quickly. It will free you from pressure and tension, and most importantly, it will clear your mind.

Fruit Ninja

All the fast paced games are addicting and easy to understand. Fruit Ninja is a well-known game that you can play in multiple versions, but most importantly – you can find it online or download it for free as an app for Android or Apple devices.

The object of the game is to cut as much fruit as possible. To do this, slide your finger on the touch screen; if you play both online and desktop version, you create ninja moves and cuts by dragging the mouse cursor.

Cutting several types of fruit at once is the best strategy to get a special bonus.

You can also use other fingers to cut additional slices. In order not to lose a life, you need to cut all the fruits.

If you’ve been good enough, you can achieve a result that lets you multiply it by a hundred – but you don’t have to leave a single fruit behind. The game is further complicated by the bombs, which the player should neither touch nor cut, but skillfully avoid.

Fruit Ninja is a great game choice for releasing anger and practicing motor skills, as well as multitasking. Don’t take gambling and gambling too seriously, but have fun and have a relaxing time.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is one of the most popular free-to-play games of the past decade. Cheerful and above all colorful and sweet – the game has captured the hearts of game fans all over the world. The goal is to empty the candy tray by placing at least three candies of the same type and the same color and thus eliminate them.

When you eliminate them, new ones appear to make it easier to combine and clean the board. The game is more complicated by a limited time or a limited number of moves. Some upper levels have obstacles such as closing the field with chocolate and other inconveniences.

Candy Crush never lets you get bored. You can give lives and track your level online. It is not without reason that it is so popular. Plus, the game feels good-natured and user-friendly which is another reason many gamers return to it faithfully. It guarantees relaxation and good fun further enhanced by great sounds and characters.


You have to take care of yourself, your mental and physical health. Although most people feel guilty when they rest or play games, you should know that relaxation is necessary. If we do not rest, we will forget all that we have learned, and then all will be in vain. Inhale, take a break, and play one of these relaxing brain games.

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