Bearseum’s mix of NFT art and video games

The crypto and NFT bull markets are raging as this is written. The bulls are clapping and the bears are in hibernation for the moment. And why not? There are plenty of reasons to smile right now, especially for NFT or crypto investors who invested before the current bull run. But as any stock or crypto bulls know, bears can come out of hibernation at any time, often when they are least expected. This is one thing that makes bears so dangerous.

While this is an accurate and adventurous description of the markets, it is also a metaphor for a fantastic Ethereum-based NFT project.

The NFT markets continue to be hot. Over the past seven days, sales in nine of the top 10 markets increased during the previous week. Trade on Rarible is up 124% to over $ 8 million in sales, and Atomic Market on the WAX ​​blockchain is up 298% to over $ 7 million. OpenSea, the largest blockchain marketplace, increased 30% to $ 758 million in sales compared to the previous week.

Join us for a glimpse into the world of Bearseum, a combined NFT art and video game ecosystem that seeks to add to the momentum of the already popular Bullseum.

Bullseum is a hot new NFT project that features 5,000 individually created artistic bulls as part of a fantastic universe. This universe is the 33rd century, and Taureans are an ancient and wise species. They are attacked from the outside and decompose from the inside. Their elders met and decided that their most valuable art collection, held in a museum called the Bullseum, should be scattered around the Earth, sold to trusted hands. In our world, the Bullseum collection has seen its bottom hit 0.23 ETH with over 797 ETH traded.


The Bullseum Project has hinted at Bearseum in recent weeks on their official website. Images showing the vandalized bull museum with the words “We’re better than the bull” and “#Bears Gonna Win” spray painted on the walls, while a prominent bull statue is spray painted with the word ” Bear ”.

The next stage of the ecosystem is coming soon. In the next phase of deployment, a new collection will launch on October 18 at 9 p.m. UTC.

Some of the specifications include:

Price when new: 0.08 ETH

Maximum currency per transaction: 25

Public sale supply: Approximately 3,500

Total supply: 5000

Bearseum is a collection of art randomly generated as you type with over 120 different hand-drawn strokes. This is the secondary art collection from the original “Bullseum” project. As with the original collection, the Bearseum team promoted their pride in designing various features, making each character unique.

Both collections bring characters from the next up-and-coming video game “Runseum” to life.

Play to win

The gaming industry shows another optimistic view, looking at the future of the project from a different perspective. The gaming industry has torn apart over the past few years and blockchain gaming has started to take off recently. The introduction of NFTs as players, skins, and other items added another dynamic of value to the system. The same is true of the concept of the “Play-to-Earn” format in games.

Play-to-earn is a game format designed for successful players to have fun, but to win money. This format has seen tremendous growth in the blockchain gaming industry, where players can earn cryptocurrency or play with NFTs that rise in value, become more successful, or become more popular. Recent viral blockchain games that have thrived with this model include Axie Infinity and Splinterlands.

In addition to the artistic merit of the NFT Bearseum, these Bears have an additional use case. They are limited player characters that can be used in video games. From an investor perspective, this can add value to the ecosystem and to NFTs themselves.

Where can I find Bearseum?

The Bearseum collection will launch on OpenSea, starting Monday, October 18 at 9 p.m. UTC.


To contact the team behind Bearseum and Bullseum, users can reach them at the following addresses on the web and social media:

Website | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Discord |OpenSea

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