50 video games recreated in real life in 20 minutes


A group of talented gaming fans recreate 50 different real-life video games in an impressive and humorous 20-minute compilation video.

A group of passionate gamers have just recreated up to 50 different games in real life, spanning various genres and franchises like Halo, MinecraftPac man, and more. Video games often take people to faraway places and place them in colorful, larger-than-life character roles, and naturally some fans like to bring those worlds and heroes into the real world in the form of cosplay photos and videos of talented prop designers forging real-life replicas of iconic weapons like Kratos’ Leviathan Ax from God of the war.

This extends to live recreations of classic stages and levels, such as a group re-enactment of Resident Evil 4 zombie-infested opening cutscene and a Tik-Tok video providing Pokemon fans with a heartbreaking look at what an encounter with the ethereal Gastly would look like in live-action. Even some of the talented people behind the games themselves had fun, like when Ghost of Tsushima star Daisuke Tsuji practiced some of Jin Sakai’s famous samurai sword moves alongside Castlevania voice actor Toru Uchikado. Now, a pair of brothers have put together the video game reenactment of a lifetime, spanning many different games and genres.


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Youtube channel Dangie Bros. recently posted a complicated video of the titular siblings and their friends recreating 50 real-life games in 50 hours. Starting things off is an FPS shootout with the guys dressed as characters from Halo, Call Of Duty, Fortnite, and Battlefieldfollowed by a trampoline Pokemon battle between two inflatable Pikachu and a real one Nintendogs game session. Next, the group practices slicing citrus fruits in a live action game of fruit ninjathen runs around a garage eating energy pellets like Pac Mac and the band of ghosts to catch him. Even less-loved titles and gameplay elements are represented, such as the infamous Drake and the 99 dragons wobbly target locking system. Other fun re-enactments featured include a series of Super Smash Bros. be fought on a makeshift stage and a playthrough of The Sims which basically consisted of doing everyday tasks like chopping fruit and playing a game of chess with the Grim Reaper. The 50th and final game on the roster was Minecraftwhich was recreated with the boys hitting trees to gather wood and fending off an adorable spider dog.

The Dangie Bros are widely known for building wild contraptions like “the biggest mystery button in the world” and spend whole days in weird places like warehouses and treehouses, but they sometimes drew inspiration from video games for their online antics. In one case, they built an actual replica of Mario Karts the infamous Rainbow Road running the length of their house, while in another they played a “mystery box” game involving Pokeballs in which they were assigned different Pokemon-thematic “punishments” to be executed if they opened a specific capsule.

Video games have become a popular social pastime over the past two decades, as evidenced by the talented Dangie Bros and their real game play of 50 different games. See friends recreate classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft, get ready for an epic watermelon slice quest straight from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildor even just goof around dressed as classic comic book superheroes in a dodgy recreation of Marvel’s Avengers is certainly fun to watch and serves as a reminder of how video games can bring people together – even when they’re not playing the games themselves.

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Source: Dangie Bros/YouTube

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