10 websites to play online games for free


To play fun games online, you don’t always need to make a hole in your pocket. There are online gaming websites where you can play quality games for free without needing to download and install any game app or software on your device.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 online gaming sites of 2021 where you can play any games you want for free in different categories.

1. Addictive games

Addicting Games is the largest games site in the United States with 10 million unique users in one month. He is best known for his kind of casual game. It is home to over 30 different categories of the game and the most popular categories include sports games, action games, and IO games. Every Thursday Addicting Games launches a new game to increase its wonderful collection of games.

2. Agame.Com

Agame entertains over 35 million gamers around the world in one month. The games featured in Agame are so popular that they have been played 19 billion times since 2014. Agame has divided the entire collection of games featured into nine categories with an additional category that features Editor’s Choice.

3. Arkadium

Arkadium has successfully created an adult games community where adults can enjoy a wide variety of games. Did you know that Arkadium even created the solitaire game that comes by default on Microsoft Windows devices? Well, that alone must say a lot about the quality of the games that are available on Arkadium.

4. Poki.com

Poki.com is an Amsterdam-based gaming site. The gaming platform was created with the aim of providing a platform for gamers where they can play games for free. He has been true to the vision of the successful business. On Poki.com, players can get their hands on games without ads. The games on Poki.com are not broken down into categories but it does offer a list to show the popular games of the week.

5. Crazy gamescrazygames - free online games at crazygames.com

All the games that are featured in Crazy games can be read from all devices as long as they have a browser. This is because Crazy Games offers free online browser games. There are six main game categories in Crazy Game; However, on the homepage itself, users will browse through many other categories of games.

6. Pogo

Pogo is a gaming website that mainly offers casual games as well as classic games. There are 10 main categories of games available in Pogo. The games featured in Pogo are divided into free and club exclusive games. Players have the option to register on the website and become premium members of Pogo.

7. Mini-clip

In addition to hundreds of free online games, Miniclip also offers many games exclusively available on Miniclip. Thanks to the huge collection of games on the website, there are over 60 categories of games here. Users can play games on Miniclip without registering. However, if they wish to record their score, they have the option of registering themselves in Miniclip.

8. Friv

Friv was launched in 2016 and was one of the few websites that provided gamers with quality games for free. What makes the games present in Friv different from the games available on the other platform is that Friv’s games are friends of the family. The level of advertising is low and the great thing is that a game is never interrupted by an advertisement.

9. Kongregate

If you are looking for a platform that besides playing games makes it easier for you to display your achievements, then Kongregate is the platform for you. The site offers many free online games. It also allows users to collect badges that talk about player achievements. Kongregate’s USP is that all of the games on the website come with their own chat room which can be used to communicate with other players playing the same game.

10. Shock wave shockwave - transform short flash transformers series - youtube

Shockwaves has a collection of over 1000 online games, which are divided into around 15 categories. The huge collection of the game has been made possible by the addition of new games from time to time. In addition, the website has a list of the best daily games on the web as well as the latest online games.

Which of these platforms will you use to play a game for free? All the platforms are fantastic and allow you to play games without any downloads or installations. If you are not sure which game you should play, just start exploring the genre you want.

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Carolyn M. Daniel