10 Horror Icons Involved In Video Games


The word “icon” is sometimes overused, but it fits the people on this list. Each person, be it an actor, writer, or director, has left an indelible mark on the horror genre, chilling and thrilling audiences around the world.

The connection between movies and video games is often close. These iconic people have been involved in different projects over the years. Some video games on this list capitalize on the status of these icons, while others are less obvious. Either way, their inclusion in these video games was memorable, adding to their iconic position in history.


10/10 Clive Barker

Clive Barker conjured up some truly terrifying images from his mind, which frightened readers of his books and viewers of his films. The hellraiser Franchise Cenobites in particular are examples of images that once seen are never forgotten. The themes of his books often explore the idea of ​​pleasure and pain merging into one, and temptation leading to dark places in the heart.

Barker acted as writer and producer for a few video games, including adaptations of his film Nightblood, Immortal by Clive Barker in 2001, and Clive Barker’s Jericho in 2007. Although the games received mixed reviews from critics, they were all praised for the tone and mood which is often associated with the work of Clive Barker.

9/10 Bruce Campbell

Despite appearing in dozens of TV shows and movies, Bruce Campbell will always be widely recognized as Ash from diabolical death movies. This long-time collaborator of fellow horror legend, Sam Raimi, made a name for himself battling the forces of evil, while endure real life pain that his director friend often inflicted on him to succeed in the shot.

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It’s no surprise that Campbell has appeared in a series of evil Dead video games, including the most recent version Evil Dead: The Game. What may surprise some is that he also voiced Pitfall Harry in the 1997s. 3-D Trap: Beyond the Jungleas well as appearing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exos Zombies as Captain Lennox.

8/10 John Charpentier

Often considered one of the masters of horror, John Carpenter made some incredible films. Halloween and The thing are classic horror movies that stand the test of time. His non-horror work and collaborations with longtime friend Kurt Russell are also extremely watchable, with Escape from New York and Big problem in little China stand out from the crowd. And who can forget They live, which features one of the best on-screen fights ever.

Now retired from filmmaking, Carpenter spends much of his free time playing video games and says he’s an avid fan of the To fall series. Surprisingly, he hasn’t worked on many video games, but his only merit in video games is having acted as a creative consultant on FEAR 3 (F.3.AR) in 2011. He also makes an uncredited appearance as Dr. Faraday in the 2002 video game adaptation of The thing.

7/10 Guillermo del Toro

It’s fair to say Guillermo del Toro knows a thing or two to make the audience feel unsteady and nervous. Some of his films can be described as horribly beautiful fairy tales where fantasy meets the horrors of reality. Despite his obvious skill in knowing what scares moviegoers, this award-winning director has an extremely diverse number of films under his belt, which shows the depth of his talent.

Del Toro is a fan of video games, and says ICO and The shadow of the colossus are masterpieces. This isn’t much of a surprise, as both games reflect elements of his films with a sense of foreboding and melancholy. Wanting to put his stamp on video games, Del Toro collaborated with Hideo Kojima on the infamous PT, which was published in 2014. PT was really unsettling and although it’s not a complete game, it won several awards for being one of the scariest games ever made. Del Toro also appears as Deadman in Kojima’s Death Stranding.

6/10 George A. Romero

George A. Romero relationship with zombies dates back to 1968, when he made the seminal night of the living dead. Although he directed other horror films during his career, his legacy will always be associated with bringing the walking dead to life.

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Arguably the most famous zombie video game franchise of all time, resident Evil is also connected to Romero. Early Resident Evil games were influenced by Romero’s films, and in 1998 he made a television commercial to promote the release of Resident Evil 2. Romero also appeared in call of Duty Black Opszombies map Call of the Dead, where he basically played himself.

5/10 Christopher Lee

Many actors have played the role of Dracula, but Christopher Lee is arguably one of the most iconic. Lee has starred in several Hammer films over the years, often appearing with his good friend Peter Cushing. Lee’s towering height and booming voice would be put to good use in his later performances as Count Dooku in the star wars prequel trilogy, and Saruman in the the Lord of the Rings movies.

Lee has used his voice talents in several video games over the years, including the the Lord of the Rings Lego games. However, one of his most notable performances is Ansem le Sage/DiZ from kingdom hearts 2, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 daysand Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

4/10 Bill Mosley

Bill Moseley and horror are like peanut butter and jelly or bacon and eggs; they work perfectly together. Take a look at Moseley’s IMDB page; it’s filled with memorable horror movie characters, such as Chop-Top’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, as well as Otis of House of 1000 corpses and its consequences The devil’s rejections and 3 From hell.

Based on Moseley’s horror background, it’s no surprise to find him appearing in the schlocky cheese festival. corpse killer from 1994. FMV Games have enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent years with anniversary reissues of Night Trap and corpse killer.

3/10 Tony Todd

Tony Todd is one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors, with over 250 credits to his name on IMDB. This versatile performer has had an extremely diverse career playing characters across multiple genres, but he’s arguably best known for playing the titular villain in 1992. candy man.

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Todd is also known for his amazing voice and his vocal talents have been put to good use in several games. These include the Vortigaunt of Half Life 2Rodek’s star trek onlineAdmiral Tommy Briggs of Call of Duty Black Ops 2and more recently Doctor Rogers in Back 4 Blood.

2/10 Tim Curry

Mention Tim Curry, and people will usually have an image or two in mind. The first will be his extravagant performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Showand the other will be the terrifying Pennywise in This.

Curry has an extensive catalog of video game appearances, including Dragon Age: Origins, brutal legendand Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger. However, he will probably be remembered primarily for his on top performance as Prime Minister Anatoly Cherdenko in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

1/10 Robert Englund

Robert Englund is solely responsible for millions of people’s fear of falling asleep. His portrait of child killer Freddy Krueger in the years 1984 freddie marked the fans of cinema and horror. Although his character turned into an anti-hero in subsequent sequels where fans applauded his stunt doubles and inventive kills, Wes Craven New nightmare was a homecoming where it all started.

There have been a few video game collaborations involving Robert Englund, including the voice of Scarecrow in Injustice 2 and of course Freddy Krueger in Mortal combat. However, one role he is best known for is playing Robert in call of duty black ops zombies fashion. He appeared alongside Michael Rooker, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Danny Trejo in this title.

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