10 Best Free PC Games to Play Right Now


Even with crossplay coming to tons of major titles, PC remains the preferred gaming platform for many gamers. In fact, some of the most pristine gaming competitions revolve around PC games, and many of the most popular games are even free for everyone.

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The best MMOs and RPGs are usually PC-only, and many gamers also prefer the feel of a keyboard and mouse for FPS games. If gamers want to play like the pros, PC is the best way to do it. Many free games are offered to them.


Runescape cover photo with title

Runescape is an age-old classic MMO that’s still going strong and remains one of the best fantasy RPGs people can play on PC. Players can choose between playing the new updated or classic versions and dive into the open world fantasy world filled with lore and legends.


Runescape remains a unique MMORPG experience without a linear storyline. Instead, players can explore the vast open world and realms, choose whether to accept quests or fight monsters, and chart their own path. Players can team up or compete against other players in competitive mini-games with customizable avatars. Like all the best fantasy games, there are plenty of combat skills, magic spells, and lore to discover in this game.


cover photo for Roblox with title

Roblox is a great free-to-play option for all ages, and while it’s changed a lot over the years, crossing over to all platforms, it’s easily one of the most popular online PC games today. Whether players want to create or play, it’s packed with endless possibilities and experiences on a single platform.

Roblox players have a huge range of character creation options and the ability to create their own games and experiences in Roblox studio. Although it’s easily assumed to be a kid’s game, it’s actually packed with games perfect for all ages: horror, action, simulation, and RPG. RobloxThe new features of have not only made it a fun and entertaining online game, but also a ground for real careers and a showcase for talent.


Fortnite cover photo with title

Although fortnite has been the subject of much criticism and controversy over the years, it has come a long way and remains one of the best free PC games available. Not to mention that it is one of the games that many professional players have participated in and have been quite successful.

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fortnite is an ever-evolving evolution of Season Battle Passes, updates, and new gear. Many fans of the massive PVP fighting game preferred the game in the early years, but epic games slowly made a few reappearances of beloved classic features, such as the return of the POI, Tilted Towers. It’s also a game in particular that has involved many collaborations and crossovers from other big titles, such as Spider-Man and others. wonder hero. With new features, players can create their own game modes and participate in others’ creations, making it even more expansive.

rocket league

rocket league is the perfect combination of two game genres: sports and racing. It’s a perfect choice for gamers looking for a different option outside of classic MMOs and FPS, and it’s completely free.

rocket league is the game of soccer but with a fun twist. Players compete as high-speed cars with boost, where they try to drive the ball into their opponent’s goal or demo the opposing team’s cars. A free rocket pass feature also allows players to unlock customization and upgrade options for their cars, tricking their cars however they want. Players can jump into dueling games in solo, 2v2, 3v3, or more unique game modes, some with even more special abilities.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars TOR cover photo with title

Star Wars: The Old Republic, as the Knights of the Old Republic game, is an online RPG where players chart their own path. It’s a great free MMO for star wars fans, especially after losing the beloved Star Wars Galaxies the game preceded it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most complex MMO games. It allows players to experience detailed storylines for multiple classes and make their own dialogue choices with fully voiced characters that shape their origin paths. star wars fans can create their own characters with different classes and races tied to the universe and equip them with skills and loot they find in the world. Their choices will determine whether they stay in the light or stray to the dark side.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 cover photo with title

From the creators of Halo franchise came the great sci-fi multiplayer shooter, Destiny 2, which is now completely free for everyone. With similar themes and mechanics a la Halo games, this game has become a popular open-world multiplayer game with extensive quests, loot, and enjoyable content.

Many complaints have been filed about destiny games as they were largely a paid platform. Now that the second game has become free, players can now enjoy all the content from the sci-fi universe. Players can join a shared world environment with the feel of an RPG or compete in PVP modes such as deathmatch and others. There’s so much to discover in this sci-fi game and Halo lovers combined with stories and competition.

Call of Duty: Warzone

COD Warzone cover photo with title

Call of Duty: Warzone became one of the only beloved FPS, Call of Duty games that have become free. This franchise release is a battle royale style multiplayer game with different game modes.

Unlike most battle royale games, war zone allows up to 150 players on a server, and in some special game modes, 200 players. Players can join teams of up to four players and compete in competitive game modes against other players online. This is a perfect, more realistic and gritty FPS battle royale that, unlike games like Fortnite, relies on realistic recoil and gun mechanics.

Infinite Halo

Halo Infinite cover photo with title

Infinite Halo became the first Halo multiplayer game available for free on multiple platforms. Halo fans can now play all of their favorite online game modes from Team Slayer, Capture The Flag, and more without paying a dime.

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Although the new campaign is part of the game which is not free, players still have a lot to enjoy on the multiplayer platform. All the beloved classic game modes (multiplayer PVP and large team battles) and weapons that Halo adored fans are part of this free version. They also introduced a new battle pass where players can unlock armor customizations, skins, and more by completing daily and weekly challenges that run regularly.


Valorant is a team-based FPS shooter inspired by the classic Counter-Strike game that has easily become one of the most popular PC games today. It has become one of the most competitive and prestigious PVP games in gaming competitions like Esports. Not only is this game available for pros, anyone can play this game completely free.

Valorant is a round-based team shooter where teams alternate in attack and defense. Offensive teams try to activate bomb-like devices called Spikes while the defending team tries to protect them. One team wins, either by killing the other team or by successfully dispatching the Spike. Players can choose from a list of different agents with their own special abilities. These abilities will help them in the game in different ways, either by creating an advantage to attack or protect. Valorant is a highly competitive game that requires players to be ultra-strategic if they want to claim victory for their team.

League of Legends

Another of the most prestigious online games involved in Esports competitions is League of Legends. This multiplayer team arena game has become so popular that it now has a TV series adaptation on Netflix and is completely free to play online.

Fans of the game can see their favorite characters in Netflix Esoteric then also try these characters in the game. League of Legends is a highly strategic battle arena game that requires teams to play as different champions with various abilities, then compete to see who can conquer the other team by destroying their “Nexus” within their base central. Players must balance offensive and defensive fighting styles, purchase in-game upgrades, and battle the opposing team to achieve victory.

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